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In order to overcome the economic challenges ahead, many businesses have been thinking up new ways to adapt in order to survive this period of uncertainty.

If you have not yet come across the Government backed Cyber Essentials certification scheme, the chances are that you soon will.  In the last year almost 16,000 organisations have certified; a number which is growing significantly year on year. However, whether you are new to Cyber Essentials or not, there are imminent changes to the scheme that all organisations should be aware of.

COVID-19 continues to be a huge concern for businesses as the Government imposes tighter measures in the fight against the virus.  Many businesses have now been forced to either work from home or close completely and more are facing that prospect in the coming weeks, if not days.  We had previously wrote about what the Government was doing to support businesses during these uncertain times but with the situation constantly evolving, this is already outdated.

COVID-19 is having a serious impact on businesses and the economy.  Whilst the economic shock could prove to be sharp and large, it should at least be temporary.  In order to overcome the economic and health challenges posed by coronavirus, it is vital that businesses stand together.

We’ve teamed up with our Mental Health Nurse, Carie Workman at New Beginning to provide you with some tips for looking after your child’s mental wellbeing.

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