ISO Consultancy

Our highly-experienced team of ISO consultants have years of expertise in this field, assisting a diverse range of clients in the implementation and efficient use of effective management systems. Our approach to ISO consultancy is no different to the one we adopt when implementing ISO and BS:EN Management Standards.  Ultimately, we believe in adopting a collaborative, supportive approach where our clients can receive as much assistance as they require. We simplify the entire process, ensuring it remains straight-forward and stress-free for you throughout.

Why Might You Need ISO Consultancy?

There are many reasons why you may require ISO consultancy.  It could be because:

  • You need Accredited Certification (UKAS, INAB etc)
  • You want to improve your current systems
  • You no longer have the skills in-house to effectively run a system
  • You need help auditing your system
  • You would like to explore the idea of Certification before committing to full Certification
  • You need to upgrade a standard to an updated version

Our consultant’s wealth of knowledge and expertise mean we can offer ISO consultancy for a wide range of certifications, some examples include:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management
  • ISO 27001 Information Security
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management
  • ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety
  • ISO 22301 Business Continuity
  • ISO 17100 Translation
  • BS EN 15713 Secure Destruction of Confidential Materials
  • BS 10012 Personal Information Management
  • AS9100 Aerospace Quality Management
  • BS EN ISO 3834-1 Quality Management in the Field of Welding
  • ISO 17020 Conformity Assessment

These are only some examples.  If you require consultancy for a Standard not listed above, please contact our team as we may still be able to support you.

Need ISO Accredited Certification?

Whilst we do not provide Accredited Certification ourselves, we can certainly support you through the process with another provider.  This is actually one of the most popular reasons for needing our ISO consultancy services.

In most cases, ISO certification is more than sufficient for the majority of businesses but there are times where Accredited Certification to UKASINAB etc. is required by a customer, trade association or regulatory body.

Despite us not providing Accredited Certification, our ISO consultants regularly audit Management Systems for Accredited Certification providers and are well accustomed to the process.  This wealth of knowledge and expertise can therefore help you pass your assessment first time, in an average of six to nine months.  If required, we can also help you source an Accredited Certification provider to assess your business and be with you during your Stage 1 and Stage 2 Assessments.

Once you have achieved your Accreditation, our support doesn’t have to end there.  We can help you stay on track with regular support to ensure you continue to meet the requirements of your Certification.

Not sure if you need Accredited Certification? Contact our experts today to discuss your requirements.

What is The Process?

To begin with, our consultant will visit you to conduct a non-committal GAP analysis.  This helps us to identify where your business is now, what needs to be completed to reach your intended goal and how many days consultancy would be required.

Whilst this is not a formal consultancy day, you will benefit from the advice and support of our consultant, which will also be sent to you in a formal report.

Should you wish to proceed, we will provide additional consultancy to help you implement our findings.

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