ISO Quality Services – June 2015 Newsletter

17 Jun, 2015

Welcome to the June 2015 edition of the ISO Quality Services Newsletter, we hope you’re having a great month!

In the past month since the May edition of our newsletter there has been numerous controversies, everything from the corruption within football’s governing body to the scandal surrounding the winners of Britain’s got Talent. Also this month, Chris Evans has been announced as the new host of Top Gear – will he sink or swim?

Congratulations to our Newly Certificated Clients

ecoserve goodEcoserve Cleaning Ltd

Ecoserve Cleaning Ltd was established in 2012 and is based in London. They provide a full range of cleaning services as well as tailor made cleaning services for numerous industries.

On Friday 1st May 2015 Ecoserve Cleaning Ltd were presented with their ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate.

They are proud to be an Eco Friendly cleaning company and offer the best value for money cleaning services but also comply with the environmental standards to reduce the harmful effects to our precious environment.

More information regarding EcoServe Cleaning Ltd can be found on their website at

Ecoserve Cleaning Ltd

Lead Assessor Percy Beynon (centre) presenting Edgar Cabrera (left) and Eduardo Tandazo (right) of Ecoserve Cleaning Ltd with their ISO 9001 Quality Management standard certificate.

exasoftExasoft Plc

Formed in 1993 and located in Coventry, they are primarily involved in supplying software products to the financial services sector.

On Wednesday 6th May 2015 Exasoft Plc were presented with their ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management Certificate.

Exasoft Plc prides itself on producing solutions that are both innovative and fit for purpose. All our development is done within the UK.

For more information regarding the services that Exasoft Plc offer please visit


Lead assessor Percy Beynon (centre) presents director Alan Malik (left) and management representative Charles O’Brien (right) of Exasoft Plc with their ISO 27001:2013 information security management standard certificate.

Microsoft Word - KSC logo.docxKeating Specialist Cylinders Ltd

Lying on the border of North Wales and England, Keating Specialist Cylinders Ltd were established in 2007 and are specialist cylinder manufacturers operating in the Gravure printing industry.

On Thursday 7th May 2015 Keating Specialist Cylinders Ltd were presented with their ISO 9001 Certificate.

They primarily supply cylinders to the flexible packaging, cigarette, and labelling, decorative, security and coatings markets.

If you would like more information about Keating Specialist Cylinders Ltd, you can visit



Lead assessor Percy Beynon (centre) presenting commercial director Adam Scott (left) and CEO Mike Keating (right) of Keating Specialist Cylinders Ltd with their ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Standard certificate

MANS Location Services Ltd

MANS Location Services Ltd are based in Calne, Wiltshire and distribute world leading, innovative problem solving products from World Class suppliers, including cable location, site survey, water leak detection and many more.

On Friday 8th May 2015 MANS Location Services Ltd were presented with their ISO 14001 Certificate.

They also offer a worldwide sourcing service as well as consultancy in marketing, product procurement and production control.

Feel free to visit their website, for more information.


Capture of LogoAmba Defence Limited

Located in Worcester, Amba Defence Limited is engaged in the security and defence market providing consulting, solutions, technology and monitoring through its subsidiaries.

On Wednesday 13th May 2015 Amba Defence Limited were presented with their ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard Certificate.

Since formation, Amba have believed in investing in the business to improve systems, enhance infrastructure and develop innovative solutions.

Visit Amba’s website, for more information.

Amba Defence Ltd Presentation Photo 13.05.15

Richard Harber (right) presenting Daniel Pemberton of Amba Defence Limited (left) with their ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard Certificate.

Bristow and SuitorBristow and Sutor

With nearly 40 years of experience, this Redditch based company provide enforcement and debt recovery services to Local Authorities and Commercial Landlords across England and Wales.

On Thursday 14th May 2015 Bristow and Sutor were presented with their BS OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management Standard Certificate.

Bristow and Sutor embrace a philosophy of continuous improvement, professional delivery and a commitment to quality service and results; they work with clients to develop an approach that fits their corporate and fair debt policies.

For more information, visit their website at

Server Case Client LogoServer Case UK Ltd

Based in the heart of Staffordshire, Server Case UK was started early 2006 and are the UK’s server case and components specialists, with thousands of products available to purchase securely online.

On Friday 15th May 2015 Server Case UK Ltd were presented with their ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard Certificate.

Server Case UK Ltd is the UK’s only authorised e-commerce reseller of server chassis to the general public & companies.

Visit the Server Case UK Ltd website, for more information.


Director Richard Parry and sales manager Mark Lambert of Server Case UK receive their ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard certificate.

PRI CMYK V1PRI Association

PRI Association are located in London are an international network of investors working together to put the six Principles for Responsible Investment into practice.

On Friday 15th May 2015 PRI Association were presented with their ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard Certificate.

The Company’s goal is to understand the implications of sustainability for investors and support signatories to incorporate these issues into their investment decision making and ownership practices.

For more information, PRI Association’s website is

Craig Fergusson - PRI Association Presentation Photo

Lead assessor Rick Allard (left) presents director to human resources Craig Fergusson (right) of PRI Association with their ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard certificate.

VVysiion 2ysiion Ltd

Formed in 2008 and operating out of Wiltshire, Vysiion Ltd provide end-to-end IT infrastructure and support services, covering everything from hosted ICT services to resilient communications infrastructure for mission critical networks.

On Thursday 21st May 2015 Vysiion Ltd were presented with their ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management Standard Certificate.

The Vysiion Ltd team have many years’ experience in designing and delivering large IT and Communications mission critical systems and projects to the public and private sectors including the blue-light services.

Visit Vysiion Ltd’s website, for more information.


Lead assessor Percy Beynon (left) presenting management representative Angie Hill (right) of Vysiion with their ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standard certificate.

Client Logo - WyepakWyepak Limited

They are a contract packing and labelling firm who also provide bespoke services such as over labelling, decorative packing and tagging.

On Wednesday 27th May 2015 Wyepak Limited were presented with their ISO 9001 Certificate.

Their 34 strong team are based in a 20,000 sq. ft. factory equipped with state of the art machinery including; five semi-automatic labelling lines, packing facilities consisting of taping & shrink wrapping.

Like more information? Visit their website,

ISO Quality Services To Celebrate 15 Years In 2015

On Thursday 18th June 2015 ISO Quality Services will be hosting a celebration event at Browns at the Quay, Worcester with numerous local businesses attending.

As we continue to grow from strength to strength we wanted to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all the businesses that have helped us get to where we are today, as well as welcoming along some new faces.

Taking place between 5pm and 8pm, the event will include the following:

  • OVER 100 delegates
  • Welcome drinks and canapés
  • Gift Bags for all delegates
  • A charity raffle in aid of The Midlands Air Ambulance
  • A Guest speaker in the form of Mike Ashton, Chief Executive of the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce
  • A very special performance which is ‘Strictly Worcestershire’!

We would like to say a massive thank you to our event sponsors, The Leadership Trust, Browns at the Quay, Worcester and 3SDL.

QSL-15-years-LogoMAA logo_M3_V5_R2

Improve Workplace Communication With These Tips

Communication plays a fundamental part in the success of any ISO Management Standard and this is something that will become integral to the upcoming revisions of the ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standards.

Here are some tips to improve the communication channels within your organisation:

    1. Make work fun! Improve morale by endeavouring to help colleagues enjoy coming to work.
    2. Listen to colleagues. We all appreciate being properly listened to and our views taken into consideration and so it is important to make all colleagues feel valued.
    3. Don’t get emotional. Sometimes working with people day in, day out, it can be very hard to separate our personal and professional lives. When making decisions, ensure that they are impartial.
    4. Trust is key. Being trusted to carry out tasks and projects is very important as nobody appreciated being checked up on all the time. Colleagues must feel empowered to make decisions when necessary.
    5. Feedback is appreciated. Appreciation goes a long way in the workplace but so does feedback when tasks aren’t being completed quite right – nobody likes to do things wrong. Just ensure it is helpful and not demoralising.
    6. Be culturally aware. The workplace can be a mixing pot of various beliefs, everyone should be sensitive to other values and beliefs.
    7. Don’t rely on emails. The art of conversation appears to be dying in some organisation which is a concern as emails can often get misunderstood or not even read
    8. Be diplomatic. Conflicts in the workplace arise almost daily to a certain degree and these should not be left to fester. An open door policy should be employed by all management.

Source: How Stuff Works


Even The Experts Get Hacked!

The ISO 27001 Information Security Standard is a great way for companies to co-ordinate their attack on breaches. The processes and procedures that it helps organisations put in place are invaluable in ensuring that everyone is singing off the same hymn sheet.

That being said, it is not bullet proof and evidence of this came when one of the leading anti-virus software companies became a target for unscrupulous individuals who hacked into their systems.

It is believed that the hackers broke into the Kaspersky Lab‘s systems so as to gain information about its new technologies. They have since assured customers that their information was not accessed but this does emphasise that EVERYONE is at risk.

Reports appear to suggest that the hackers gained entry through a floor in Microsoft software, much in the way previous hackers utilised a floor in Microsoft Word.

Implementing the ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standard might not protect a company completely but it does raise the amount of time, effort and resources that criminals need so as to be able to create a successful attack.

Such a system can help prevent opportunists, human errors and ensures that an organisation is doing all it can.

Source: BBC


New Health & Safety Standard Moves To The Next Stage

As discussed in a previous article, the BS OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management Standard is in the process of being revised and will be released as an internationally recognised ISO Management standard.

Taking the form of ISO 45001, this new standard recently moved a step closer on the 8th June with help from experts from over 70 different countries. In the current stage of the process, more than 75% of members approved the latest draft put forward. Later this year, the standard will be put before a public vote once all the current comments are reviewed.

The new standard will focus on the following aspects:

  • Reduce the risks to personnel and additional relevant parties.
  • Create a focus of continual improvement so as to constantly seek to improve health and safety standards in the workplace.
  • Ensuring that all activities are carried out, along with a company’s health and safety policy are in line with an internationally recognised standard.

If you already hold the BS OHSAS 18001 or are looking at implementing the Health and Safety Management Standard, please click here for the latest advice.


An ISO Standard For Making Tea?

It is true! Although not being revised since 1980, this standard aimed at  helping people create the perfect cup of Tea. As per the ISO website, the ISO 3103:1980 is described as:

“The method consists in extracting of soluble substances in dried tea leaf, containing in a porcelain or earthenware pot, by means of freshly boiling water, pouring of the liquor into a white porcelain or earthenware bowl, examination of the organoleptic properties of the infused leaf, and of the liquor with or without milk or both.”

The Standard has numerous steps to making the perfect cup which include the following:

  • The pot should be white porcelain or glazed earthenware and have a partly serrated edge. It should have a lid that fits loosely inside the pot.
  • If a large pot is used, it should hold a maximum of 310 ml (±8 ml) and must weigh 200 g (±10 g).
  • If a small pot is used, it should hold a maximum of 150 ml (±4 ml) and must weigh 118 g (±10 g).
  • 2 grams of tea (measured to ±2% accuracy) per 100 ml boiling water is placed into the pot.
  • Freshly boiling water is poured into the pot to within 4-6 mm of the brim.
  • The water should be similar to the drinking water where the tea will be consumed
  • Brewing time is six minutes.
  • The brewed tea is then poured into a white porcelain or glazed earthenware bowl.
  • If a large bowl is used, it must have a capacity of 380 ml and weigh 200 g (±20 g)
  • If a small bowl is used, it must have a capacity of 200 ml and weigh 105 g (±20 g)
  • If the test involves milk, then it can be added before or after pouring the infused tea.
  • Milk added after the pouring of tea is best tasted when the liquid is between 65 – 80 °C.
  • 5 ml of milk for the large bowl, or 2.5 ml for the small bowl, is used.

Sources: ISO and Neatorama


Holiday Pay To Change In July

As of July 2015, the way in which holiday pay is calculated is changing which could cause ramifications as far as businesses are concerned. The latest ruling means that employers will have to take into account commission and overtime when calculating how much holiday to pay.

What is also significant is that employees will be able to back date claims for up to 2 years before the July change. In the future however, any underpayment claim must be made within 3 months of the alleged underpayment.

For employers there is some positive news however as this method of calculating is restricted to the 20 days statutory holiday required by the Working Time Directive, rather than the 28 days in UK Law.

Another piece of interesting information is that work-related travel may also be included while holiday will be accrued even during sick leave.

Source: ACAS and Forum of Private Business

holiday pay

 ISO Training Services Update

ISO Training Services

As an independent organisation, we understand how important training is to a company and have seen first-hand the boost to morale, profits, customer satisfaction and employee loyalty.

We are also aware that delivering high quality services, consistently, is a challenge for any organisation which is why we aim to make it easier for you.

Our courses are intensive but fully interactive sessions, which focus on the important element of training – the end application!


Dates: 9th September 2015 (9.00am start)

Cost:   £295 + VAT per delegate (Inc. materials & refreshments)

I have lots of questions; is this course right for me?

Have you recently implemented ISO 9001; are you new to the standard or are you not sure if ISO 9001 is for you? Then this is an excellent introduction for anyone involved in the development, implementation and management of ISO 9001.

This training course is designed to help your organisation demonstrate commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, as well as continuously improving your quality management systems (QMS).

Our friendly trainers will help you overcome any reservations you might have and enable you to understand the requirements of the standard, help you to improve your management processes and prepare your business for growth.

And finally it’ll provide an overview of the purpose and requirements of ISO 9001 as a tool for business improvement.

Course Content

Quality Manager training will cover the following topics, as well as allowing for question & answer sessions on the day:

      • Principles and elements of ISO 9001
      • Role of the Quality Manager
      • How to integrate ISO into the daily activities of the business
      • Effective objective setting
      • How to run a Management Review Meeting effectively
      • Guide to internal auditing
      • Focus on bench marking and its importance to quality management
      • Continuous improvement


Dates: 29th/30th September 2015 (2 day course)
Cost: £450 + VAT per delegate

Why attend this course?

No information security management system can achieve its potential unless the underlying principles are understood, supported by management and become part of a company’s normal operating procedure.

This course will address the main principles and elements involved when adopting the ISO 27001 standard and provide a foundation for companies who are interested in using the standard as the mainstay for their information security approach.

You will gain an understanding of:
• categorising and mitigating risk
• scoping and maintaining an Information Security Management System
• asset management
• setting up security governance and associated roles involved

Course Content

• Principles and elements of ISO 27001
• Role of the information security management representative
• How to establish information security governance within your organisation
• Asset management – how to complete an inventory
• Completion of risk assessments
• Statement of applicability
• Document requirements
There will also be a chance for a questions and answers at the end of each session with a recap at the end of the day.

Sounds interesting? Want to know more?

For further details of each course and others that we offer, we have a dedicated training website where all of our training information, courses and dates will be available, along with case studies, news articles and Meet the Trainer!

Please take the time to visit us!

To book your place please call 01905 670303 or email our Training Co-ordinator


Growth AcceleratorISO Training Services

Be part of our LinkedIn community

If you haven’t joined already – what are you waiting for?

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Networking events in June – July 2015

QSL-15-years-LogoISO Quality Services Ltd 15 in 2015 Celebration Networking event

Date: 18.06.2015

Cost: FREE

Time: 5.00pm – 8.00pm

Venue: Browns at the Quay, The Old Corn Mill, 24 Quay Street, Worcester WR1 2JJ

Website: ISO Quality Services

Event Description

      • Over 100 confirmed delegates
      • Guest Speaker is Mike Ashton, Chief Executive of the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce
      • FREE welcome drinks and canapés
      • FREE gift bags for all delegates
      • IMPORTANT: Please bring your business card as this will be used as your delegate badge
      • Be sure to stay for the whole event as there is a very special performance at 7.30pm!
      • There is a very impressive raffle which is raising money for The Midlands Air Ambulance so please show your support!

Thank you very much to our event sponsors, The Leadership Trust, Browns at the Quay and 3SDL, without whom, the event would not be able to take place.

Greater BirminghamGreater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce – Tender Breakfast: Bidding & Tendering

Date: 23.06.2015

Cost: FREE to members – £10.00 +VAT to non-members

Time: 08.00 am – 11.00 am

Venue: Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, 75 Harborne Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 3DH

Website: Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

Event Description

Continuing on from the success of our PQQ (Pre-Qualification Questionnaires) focused Tender Breakfast in February we are pleased to announce the date for our next event. This will be facilitated by our partners, Thornton & Lowe, bid and tender specialists. We also have Anneke Clarke, Procurement Manager of Solihull Community Housing, attending. She will be providing an insight into what she looks for in suppliers and how her team evaluate tenders.
This event will cover: 

      • The Chamber’s new and updated Tender Alert Service
      • Tenders, ITT (Invitation to Tender), RFP (Request for Proposal) – why and how
      • The Procurement Managers perspective
      • Questions and answers

Plus there will be lots of opportunity to network and potentially identify partners for that next crucial bid.
The Government is committed to engaging small and medium businesses in the supply chain – so make sure you are involved.

downloadKidwells Networking Event

Date: 25.06.2015

Cost: FREE

Time: 7.30am – 9.30am

Venue: Kidwells House, 4 Coldnose Road, Rotherwas Industrial Estate, Hereford, HR2 6JL

Website: Kidwells Group

Event Description

No Frills, No Fuss, No 60 second intro – just a good straight forward FREE networking event with coffee and croissants.

There will be the opportunity at each meeting for one business to give a 10 minute overview of their business and to bring brochures and marketing material. The business chosen for the following meeting will be drawn from the business cards provided at the event.

The NEXT business profilers are Michael Haile and Chantall Herbert of ISO Quality Services Ltd.

Greater BirminghamGreater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce – How to make the most of your Membership

Date: 02.07.2015

Cost: FREE to members – £10.00 +VAT to non-members

Time: 09.00am – 11.00am

Venue: Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, 75 Harborne Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 3DH

Website: Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

Event Description

Being a Chamber member provides you with lots of opportunity to network, raise your business profile and help you gain greater knowledge and skills which can give your business differentiation and a real advantage. This event gives delegates the chance to understand more about the products, services and benefits membership can bring your business and how to use these effectively to help develop and grow your business.

Whether you are a prospective member, have recently joined, or simply wish to refresh your knowledge about what is available in order to get the greatest return on your investment, this event is designed for you.

Director of Events, Henrik Court is the key speaker at this event. Henrik has more than seven years experience of working for the Chamber and will help you to create an action plan to take back to your business for future implementation. Premier Member Relationship Manager, Howard Blow, will also be speaking about the features and benefits of membership.

Steve Bushell from Probrand Ltd, will be sharing his experience of being a member and how this has helped to raise the profile of the company.

hereford-and-worcester-chamberHerefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce – Maximise Your Membership (In association with ISO Quality Services)

Date: 03.07.2015

Cost: FREE

Time: 08.30am – 11.00am

Venue: Worcestershire County Cricket Club, Worcester WR2 4QQ

Website: Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce

Event Description

All members are invited to join us for a Maximise Your Membership Event in their first three months. This FREE event is sponsored by ISO Quality Services Ltd and offers members the opportunity to meet the Chamber team and find out some of the many ways to make the most of their membership. Attendees will hear from members of the Chamber membership team and the Chief Executive about their experiences of membership and how they get maximum return from their investment. There will also be plenty of tips for networking effectively.

Are you a client of ours? Would you recommend our services to your clients / suppliers…why not refer a friend?

Win a case of wine worth £1,000Receive a free case of wine or a £50 Marks & Spencer’s Voucher…..the choice is yours!

(To qualify for this you must refer a successful lead).

To offer your referrals please contact – or call 01905 670 303

ISO Quality Services Ltd are proud to specialise in the implementation and certification of the Internationally recognised ISO and BS EN Management Standards.

Do you want to get ahead of your competition? Win more tenders or save time and money on reoccurring issues? Contact us today on 0330 058 5551 or email

Alternatively, you can request a quote by filling out our enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

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