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Impartiality Statement

As well as establishing ISO compliant management systems for our customers, we ensure their ongoing compliance through a robust auditing regime conducted by our fully trained, independent associates.

Who Audits the Auditors?

As with all Certification providers, we acknowledge and accept we operate in a self-regulating market place.

However, we ensure we comply with the requirements of the International Standards Organisation through our own external audit programme. Each year we invite an assessor from our panel of independent auditors to come in and conduct a comprehensive audit of our management system particularly with regards to our scope as a certification company. We are happy to provide a copy of our latest audit report summary upon request.

Please note, although we do not offer UKAS Accredited Certification we take pride in offering an ISO Certification which would withstand the scrutiny of any Accredited Certification organisation’s audits.

Jennifer Appleton
Managing Director
ISO Quality Services Ltd

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Our Policies

You can download the ISO Quality Services company policies here:

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May 2023-2024

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