ISO 27001 Audit Process

Why are ISO 27001 Audits Important?

ISO 27001 is designed for companies to achieve best practices when managing their informational security by addressing technology, people, and processes. It’s an internationally recognised standard that helps organisations avoid security breaches which can be costly in the future.

What to Expect from an ISMS Audit

Document Assessment

Evidential Audit & Analysis

Audit Report

Evaluation of Management

What is an ISO 27001 Audit?

An ISO 27001 audit aims to demonstrate that you have met the key objectives of your certification. This includes addressing any issues with the Informational Security Management System, identifying potential improvements that can be made, and ensuring you’re compliant with the ISO 27001 standard.

Through a documented process that is independent, objective, and systematic through fact and evidence gathering, you’re ensuring that best practice is in place and your data and corporate information is protected.


Audit Cycle

As part of your Certification, you are required to undertake regular internal of your ISMS. In addition, you will also have an external re-certification audit conducted by one of our assessors to ensure you are compliant with the Standard. These audits are required throughout the term of your certification.


Internal ISO 27001 Audits

Internal audits are conducted by in-house representatives and ideally should be independent from the area they are auditing.

An ISO 27001 internal audit tests the information security management system and identifies any areas that need improving. You are required to record these findings and review them as part of your management review meetings.


External ISO 27001 Audits

To gain certification, an external and independent assessor will be required to audit your ISMS, ensuring it is compliant with ISO 27001auditor will . Their outstanding knowledge and auditing skills will ensure that you’re meeting high standards, fulfilling best practice policies and offering tailored feedback to your needs.

Learn More About ISO 27001

No two ISO Management Systems are the same, and each has vital features that can aid an organisation and demonstrate that they deliver high standards. ISO QSL has years of experience and knowledge in this technical area and assists companies in carrying out external audits and helping them achieve certification.


Our bespoke service means that we can perform ISO 27001 audits and other certifications designed for your needs.


If you would like to learn more about internal auditing, we also offer both online training as well as public classroom training that can be delivered either remotely or physically.

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  • How Often Should an ISO 27001 Audit Be Carried Out?

    There is no blueprint for exactly how long a business should have their ISMS systems audited internally. The ISO 27001 certification typically lasts for up to 3 years, however the standards of the certification need to be upheld for the duration of accreditation. It is good practice to get an internal audit completed at least every year, to keep your information security systems in good health and protect confidential assets from potential threats.

  • How To Best Prep your Business to Pass ISO 27001
    1. Commit to A Compliance Timeline in Good Time
    2. Keep Records of Anything and Everything
    3. Make Employees Aware of The Certification
    4. Reform Procedures & Reconfigure Roles
    5. Invest in A Go-To Iso Member of Your Team
    6. Understand Your Business’ ISMS Responsibilities and Dependencies
    7. Identify Your Systems Vulnerabilities and Shortfalls
    8. Organise an Internal ISO 27001 Audit
    9. Apply Post-Audit Action Plan
    10. Reassess & Analyse Performance
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