ISO 14001 Requirements

What are the requirements for ISO 14001?

Setting out the criteria for an environmental management system, ISO 14001 is a framework designed for organisations to follow to ensure that they are meeting a set standard. It can be followed by an industry or sector to give assurance to stakeholders that they are dedicated to measuring and improving their impact on the environment.


What are the certification requirements?

The requirements are a set of auditing methods, measures, protocols, controls and procedures that assist organisations to identify, monitor, manage, control and improve their environmental impact for a sustainable future with a focus on lowering their amount of waste. Featuring a number of requirements, each has a role to play within the ISO 14001 certification requirements.


What the Requirements Cover

Environmental Impact

Management Responsibility

Resource Management

Evaluation & Improvement

ISO 14001 Requirement Clauses

As well as the documents detailed to meet the standard ISO 14001 requirements, there are also a number of clauses with the first three setting out the terms and definitions as well as the scope of the standard and its references. This helps to have a wider understanding of the purpose and terminology. Meanwhile, clauses 4-10 document the requirements set out by ISO 14001 and how organisations can manage them through their environmental management system.


List of Clauses

(Clause 4) Content of the Organisation

(Cause 5) Leadership

(Clause 6) Planning

(Clause 7) Support

(Clause 8) Operation

(Clause 9) Performance Evaluation

(Clause 10) Improvement


What Documents are Needed?

To showcase that you have an effective environmental management system, several documents help demonstrate that you are providing value for the environment. It’s an opportunity for organisations to educate their workforce about being more sustainable, so much so that it becomes part of everyday culture. The aim is to increase environmental performance, be compliant with your obligations to bettering output, and meet your objectives for a better future.


Environmental Management System Scope

Identify what your environmental management systems cover and how you will place boundaries around them.


Policy Document

Your commitment to being responsible for the wider environment to prevent pollution and any legal requirements your effects may have.


Environmental Risks and Opportunities Assessment

A document to outline and acknowledge how your organisation may be faced with any environmental risks and opportunities.


Environmental Aspects Assessment

From waste to water, gas, electricity and air emissions, how does your organisation contribute to these environmental factors?


Environmental Objective & Monitoring Process

A set plan of how you will achieve your objectives and how you will measure them.


Operational Control Procedures

Ensuring that legal and compliance requirements are met, training requirements have been deployed, environmental objectives set and processes defined for internal, external and outsourced parties.


Environmental Emergency Preparedness

How you plan to respond to an environmental emergency such as fire, flood, chemical spillage or loss of power.


Competence Records

A record of what training has taken place and what competence levels your workforce is at.


Internal Audit Procedure

Looking at your environmental performance as a company overall via an internal audit to highlight any improvements that need to be made.


Review Management

A review to ensure that your efforts are effective across the board.


Nonconformities & Corrective Action

A document that includes evidence of any non-conformities within your environmental operations.


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  • What clauses are requried for the ISO 14001 certification?

    There are seven clauses that fall under the requirements for ISO 14001.

    They are as follows:

    • (Clause 4) Content of the Organisation
    • (Cause 5) Leadership
    • (Clause 6) Planning
    • (Clause 7) Support
    • (Clause 8) Operation
    • (Clause 9) Performance Evaluation
    • (Clause 10) Improvement
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