ISO 50001

ISO 50001 Energy Management System

An ISO 50001 Energy Management System is a systematic and process driven approach to controlling those aspects of your business that have a significant impact upon an organisation’s energy consumption. The system promotes efficient use of energy so as to keep both the environmental impact and costs under control.

The Process to obtain ISO 50001 Certification

The ISO 50001 is best implemented in a business that already runs a robust ISO 9001 (Quality) and preferably ISO 14001 (Environmental) Management system. It is possible to implement ISO 50001 at the same time as ISO 14001, should your business have ISO 9001 only.

Why ISO 50001 certification?

Energy, be it electricity, water or gas for example, is an invaluable resource and can affect an organisation in a multitude of ways. An energy management system will aid the implementation of an Energy Management Policy as well as making all personnel more aware of the impact of their actions in relation to energy management.

For larger undertakings having an accredited ISO 50001 certificate can provide compliance with the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme Regulations (ESOS).

The main benefits of ISO 50001 include:

Benefits to you:

  • Improved resource efficiency and subsequently reduced costs making you more competitive
  • Managing risks surrounding future changes to the energy supply and tariff prices.
  • Improved company image
  • Reduced carbon foot print
  • Ability to meet current and future mandatory energy efficiency targets

Benefits to your customers:

  • Reassures customers that they are working with an ethical and responsible company
  • Makes them aware that they are working with a forward thinking company

Benefits to your staff:

  • Increasing energy awareness amongst the entire workforce
  • Creating a sense of inclusion and participation amongst employees
  • Providing clarity as to what is expected in terms of energy management

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Did you know?

The UK has the potential to save up to £500m in energy bills through simple behavioural change adopted by businesses and consumers. (Edie) An ISO 50001 is an ideal tool to implement and maintain such behaviour change.


Did you know?

A company that spends £25,000 a year on energy could save (5%) £1,250 a year. If the company works with a profit margin of 5% the energy saving is the same as winning a new order worth £25,000 every year.

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