Why is Lauren Authentic?

10 Dec, 2021

When we started nominating someone for our ‘Value of the Quarter’, we knew our customer service queen Lauren Kebby had to be nominated for one of the values, but which one was a tricky decision, fitting both approachable and authentic.

I’m sure we’ve all been there, you have a customer service enquiry and when you eventually get through the gazillion ‘press 1 for X’, the person on the end of the phone has absolutely no idea who you are, they don’t seem to care about your issue, they’re blatantly reading off a script and you’re just going round and round in circles.  Sound familiar? It’s frustrating right? This is where authenticity plays an important part in customer service.

Simply put, being authentic means being completely genuine to who you are, what you do and who you serve.  Today, customers want more than just a friendly advisor on the phone, they want someone who is authentic too.  Someone who is personal in their delivery, shows a genuine interest in you and your enquiry and is trustworthy enough to solve the problem for you, rather than in a way that best serves them.  You know, someone who is going to treat you like a real person and not just ‘another customer’.  Well, that’s our Lauren.

Lauren shows a genuine interest in everyone she meets, asking 101 questions about your life just to get to know you better.  This helps her build a great relationship with the team and customers alike.  Before you know it, you’re drawn into her warming personality and spilling your deepest, darkest secrets… Seriously, she should work for MI5!

This stands her in great stead when it comes to customer service because you know she’s genuinely interested in your enquiry and won’t leave any stone unturned as she aims to help you get to the bottom of it. 

She’s a trusted member of the team that many turn to for advice and support and when she gives you her opinion, you know she’ll be non-judgmental and honest, even if you’re not going to like her answer.  She always considers your feelings in her delivery though, so you never have to worry about her response… she’s been nicknamed ‘Lovely Lauren’ by the team and customers for a reason. 

She’s a real team player, incredibly helpful and has oodles of patience.  You know you can go to her with absolutely anything, no question is too stupid, and no issue is too large.  She always considers the ideas of others with an open mind, even if she doesn’t agree. 

She knows her strengths (customer service obviously) as well has her flaws and doesn’t take herself too seriously.  She’s comfortable with herself enough to take feedback constructively and to use it in a way to develop herself further. 

All these qualities are what makes her a great mentor to the team, and I bet you can see why she was a close second for our approachable value too.

Director, Jennifer Appleton comments: “To me, Lauren is the epitome of authentic and genuine.  When you talk to her, she is very sincere, and I never feel as though what she’s saying isn’t what she is feeling.

She has a genuine warmth to her interactions with employees, associates, and clients alike. Lauren understands her strengths as well as her flaws and doesn’t shy away from this, in fact she embraces what makes her, her. When asked directly, Lauren will speak her mind on topics in a non-abrasive manner and you never feel there is an ulterior motive”.

Debbie Farr, Director adds: Lauren is one of the most real and genuine people that I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with.  She is honest to a fault and has no asides to her, making her truly authentic.  

Over her time with ISO QSL she has shown confidence in her opinions and ideas, whilst still understanding where she needs to improve.  During recent recruitment interviews, she has shown a natural skill in interviewing, sincerity in how she has spoken with the candidates and integrity in making difficult decisions. Well done!”

Our promise to you…

As a business, we promise to be authentic.  We’ll have a genuine interest in what you do, and we’ll be a trusted advisor that you can turn to.  No query will be too small and no problem to large.  We promise not to recommend unsuitable products/services.  We’ll ask you for feedback and use this to shape our future plans.

Authentic  and approachable are just two of our seven values, want to know the other five? Find them here: https://www.isoqsltd.com/about-us/our-values/

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