‘The route to your business success can take a number of paths…’

16 Sep, 2013

 DRS Business Solutions

‘…The way Ralph works is to tailor his services to your needs, so together you can choose the most appropriate package to maximize the value for your business’

In Ralph’s role as a business advisor he mainly works with the owners of micro and small businesses, both start-ups and existing businesses.  This is because this is where his own expertise lies, with over 20 year’s experience in SMEs.  Ralph knows that running your own business can be a joy, but he also knows that it comes with many responsibilities and demands, often with limited resources in these still challenging times.

So, who’s Ralph?


Ralph SavageRalph is a qualified chartered accountant, beginning his career with Clement Keys, a well-known practice in Birmingham, before moving on to be an audit manager at KPMG, where he stayed for 8 years until 1991.

At KPMG he undertook many special projects in industry, including industry secondments, company administration, business planning and forecast and liquidity reviews. This whetted his appetite to become involved in business, rather than just reviewing it, and in 1991, he joined Contract Foods Limited, a food manufacturer with 130 employees and a turnover of £8 million.  He stayed for at the company for 18 years, fulfilling the following roles:

  • Company Accountant
  • Finance Manager and Company Secretary
  • Finance Director and Company Secretary


During this time Ralph was heavily involved in all aspects of running the business, from strategy through to implementation.  Thereafter, he continued his senior SME involvement in a group of companies with over 50 employees and a combined turnover of £3 million.  These companies were engaged in the manufacture, wholesale and retail of luxury goods.

Now, as a Business Adviser who knows what it’s like to work in and run small businesses, he is committed to helping you add value to your business by providing tailored, on-going support, at an affordable cost, to help you make the most of your business. Ralph will share his own skills to assist you with your issues, together with his team of like – minded specialists, as required.


  • Keen to grow your business value rapidly? 
  • Planning your route to business success? Micro or SME considering your Business Strategy?
  • Looking to grow rapidly, but are concerned about how to do it?
  •  Thinking about a Mentor that can provide support and really add value to your business, both in the short and long term?
  • Do you sometimes feel as if you have lost touch with what is really going on in your business?
  • Do you feel alone?
  • Looking for Finance for a variety of purposes?
  • User Friendly Accounts?
  • Looking for cost Reduction?
  • Are you an Accountant in Practice, looking to add even more value to your clients by giving them access to a commercially focused advisor and his team of specialists?

If you answer yes to one of the above questions, why not start the journey with Ralph?

How does the journey with Ralph begin?

First of all you need to meet.  The meeting with Ralph will have two clear objectives.


  • Firstly, to chat things through and form an impression as to whether you are right for each other.  This is a two way business relationship and you both need to feel that Ralph is the right person to act as your business advisor.
  •  Secondly, to seek to identify and discuss the key issues which are affecting your business. You can then, together, develop and drive forward a ‘Hands On’, tailored and prioritised Action Plan to provide you with both short and longer term solutions for your business, as required.

What do Ralph’s clients think of his work?

Peter Danks

“I have known Ralph for many years and dealt with him at different levels, both as a client to him and also as a client of his, and I can unreservedly recommend Ralph at all levels for his vast knowledge and understanding regarding business financial and planning matters. ”

Simon Thompson

“Ralph was able to set my company on a sound financial footing by giving us the critical advice and analysis that we really needed, utilising his expert knowledge and vast experience. This extremely analytical approach was essential to identify areas of strength and weakness. Ralph left no stone unturned and built a clear picture of the past and present, before developing a new and positive way forward.”

What are you waiting for?  Contact Ralph today quoting ISO QSL for your FREE initial consultation


07774 548822





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