New ISO 14001 Modules have launched!

17 Oct, 2022

We are growing more aware of our environmental impact on the environment each day…

However, being aware doesn’t mean we understand what needs to be done to minimise that impact to make the world a better place to live.

With that in mind ISO 14001 Environmental Management is becoming a second most wanted standard to have for businesses.

We have been working our on new ISO 14001 online training modules and we are very excited that they have now been launched! With over 3 hours of learning material, you will gain an in-depth knowledge on how to run your business with the minimal amount of environmental impact.

What are these new modules?

We have 5 new modules that joined the ISO 14001 family:

  • Context of the organisation and environmental policy
  • Objectives and staff engagement
  • Environmental aspects and impacts and emergency preparedness
  • Leadership and performance measures
  • Internal audit and continual improvement

What are these modules offering?

Context of the organisation & environmental policy

This module will provide you with an understanding on how to develop and communicate an Environmental Policy. You will understand how to identify, document, and update your environmental compliance regulations. 

Objectives & staff engagement

During this module you will learn how to develop a staff communication plan. How objectives should be developed. Staff engagement strategies & how to maintain engagement. And of course, a lot of examples of good practice.

Environmental aspects & impacts & emergency preparedness

You will learn how to identify your environmental Aspects & Impacts, and what emergencies may be relevant to your business. You’ll be given hints and tips for documenting and testing your emergency response plan. And shared examples of good practice.

Leadership & performance measure

During this module you will have a process for determining, analysing and reviewing meaningful environmental performance measures. You will be able to understand what leadership means in the context of ISO 14001 and what good practices you need to have.

Internal audit & continual improvement

This module will give you an understanding of how to select procedures for internal audit. It will answer questions why internal audit are conducted and the process of it. It will teach you how to promote continual improvement and more.

What’s in it for me?

Clients whose environmental management systems are certified find that it helps to safeguard their reputation as well as the world’s resources. It promotes staff motivation and reduces risks and incidents. It will help you make tangible cost reductions just by using reduce, reuse, recycle approach. And it will also reassure customers they are working with an environmentally friendly business.

There really are numerous benefits of implementing ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. No wonder why it is the second most wanted standard!

ISO Quality Services Ltd are proud to specialise in the implementation and certification of the Internationally recognised ISO and BS EN Management Standards.

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