ISO Quality Services – December 2015 Newsletter

16 Dec, 2015

Welcome to the December 2015 edition of the ISO Quality Services Newsletter, the final newsletter of 2015!

Merry Christmas from everyone at ISO Quality Services Ltd! We hope you will reflect on 2015 as being a productive and successful year, and here is to a prosperous 2016! We hope you all have an enjoyable and rejuvenating break!

Congratulations to our Newly Certificated Clients

We are pleased to announce that the following clients have had their presentation and received their certificates in the month of November:

Teamwork Locksmiths LtdTeamwork Locksmith

On Wednesday 4th November 2015, Teamwork Locksmiths Ltd were presented with their ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 Certificates.

Teamwork Locksmiths Ltd is the UK’s biggest dedicated contractor of warrant locksmiths and pride themselves on their high standards.

If you would like to enquire as to their services please take a look at their website.

Lead Assessor Andrew Graham (right) presents Finance Director Janet Levesley, Sophie Dyer, Technical Advisor Laurence Worsdall-Green and Managing Director Dougie Levesley of Teamwork Locksmiths with their new ISO 9001 & 27001 certificates.

West Mercia Air Conditioning Limited

On Friday 6th November 2015, West Mercia Air Conditioning Limited were presented with their ISO 14001 & BS OHSAS 18001 Certificates.

West Mercia Air Conditioning Limited have been providing a nationwide service of air conditioning and ventilation solutions since 1977.

They specialise in the supply, installation, commissioning, servicing and maintenance of air conditioning and ventilation systems.

If you would like to know more about their products then please take the time to visit their website.

ISO 14001

Lead assessor Peter O’Neill (right) presents Ben Corner, Managing Director of West Mercia Air Conditioning Ltd., with their new ISO 14001 Environmental Management and BS OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management certificates.

Curries Motors UK Limited

On Wednesday 11th November 2015, Currie Motors UK Limited was presented with their ISO 9001 Certificate.

Currie Motors is a network of authorised dealership in locations such as London and Surrey. They also provide motorists with approved used cars.

If you wish to know more about Currie Motors UK Limited then you can visit their website.

Senior lead assessor Colin Watkins presents Antonia Morris (Account / Compliance Officer) and Lee Ferguson (Financial Controller) of Currie Motors UK with their new ISO 9001 Quality Management certificate.

Premier I.T. Recycling Limited

On Tuesday 24th November 2015, Premier I.T. Recycling Limited was presented with their BS EN 15713 Certificate.

Premier I.T. Recycling Limited is a leading supplier of data destruction and recycling services.

With Premier IT Recycling you get the peace of mind of working with people who know the secure waste disposal business and are able to meet customers’ requirements.

If you would like any more information about the company, then please get in touch.

BS EN 15713

Lead assessor Rick Allard (left) presents accounts administrator Laura Drust of Premier I.T. Recycling with their new certificate for the BS EN 15713 secure destruction of confidential material standard.

Word Perfect Translations Services Ltdword-perfect-translations-logo (new)

On Wednesday 25th November 2015, Word Perfect Translations Services Ltd were presented with their ISO 27001 Certificate.

Word Perfect Translations Services Ltd are a translation service and interpreting agency that ensures the message is understood and appreciated by its audience.

If you would like discover more about their services, please make an enquiry on their website.

ISO 9001:2015 Revision – What do I need to know?

As many of you will know the popular ISO 9001:2008 Standard has been revised and we will now be certifying towards the new ISO 9001:2015 edition.

Worldwide, more than 1.1 million certificates have been issued as businesses become more determined to showcase the quality of their products, services and improve the overall customer experience.

The standards are updated every few years to ensure they remain viable and reflective of the business practises of today. The standards are also revised to make sure core standards are in unison, working together towards a common goal.

So, what’s new within the ISO 9001:2015 Revision?

  • Increased focus on determining risk. This includes an emphasis on outsourcing and the other elements within the delivery of the product/service which a company cannot control.
  • Introduction of the term service as it is appreciated that not all firms produce a product.
  • Emphasis on leadership. As part of this there will no longer be a management representative, instead there will be more of a dialogue with senior management. Senior Management is critical to the success of an ISO Management Standard.
  • Detailed requirements with regards to managing change of products, processes and the Quality Management System itself.

There is no need to panic, those companies already running the ISO 9001:2008 Standard have a 3-year grace period so as to successfully transition to the new revision. ISO Quality Services will of course be proactive and take the lead with this transition and will contact you in due course.

If you are an existing or prospective business seeking more information please contact us today on 01905 670303 or email on to book your FREE consultation!

ISO 9001:2015 Revision Seminars – book your place!

To make sure you are fully aware and update with these changes, we will be running a range of seminars designed to provide an overview of the implications of these changes.

You can join us on:

Wednesday, 6 January, 2016 – 09:00 to 13:00

Friday, 22 January, 2016 – 09:00 to 13:00

Tuesday, 2 February, 2016 – 09:00 to 13:00

The new version comes with a host of changes that businesses need to be prepared for when upgrading their Quality Management System.

ISO Quality Services will be running 3 seminars between January and February 2016 to help bridge the gap between the existing ISO 9001: 2008 and the new revised ISO 9001:2015.

These seminars are designed for you to better your understanding of how these changes will affect your staff, the role of your quality representative and the overall company.

The half-day seminars will outline the major changes and how to prepare for them, carried out by two of our qualified assessors.

There will are 15 spaces available on each seminar, so book quickly here to avoid disappointment.

Join us for a Cyber Security Conference, February 2016

ISO Quality Services is taking part in a national security conference aimed at educating business in how to protect their confidential data and keep customer trust.

In February, ISO Quality Services will be involved in two conferences aimed at helping business to understand data threats and the implications.

Central London – 9th February 2016 (9.30 am – 3.30 pm)

Central Manchester – 17th February 2016 (9.30 am – 3.30 pm)

These one-day conferences are being run to show organisations how IT is increasing in sophistication and capability, but that this also increases the vulnerability of the data.

We will take part in a panel of experts to address delegates on the opportunities and challenges ahead and more importantly, what will need to be done to help secure your business.

Our experts will be speaking alongside representatives from Clearview Systems (Business data analysis and reporting), Dephrisk (IT Security Testers) and BDA (Governance and Business Improvement Specialists).

Participants will discover and learn about:

  • The opportunities that data is bringing and why Big Data is so good for business and will not go away;
  • Some of the tricks of the trade being deployed by hackers (“Black Hats”);
  • The increasing legal implications of holding personal data and the consequences of losing it; and
  • The best strategy for dealing with this (A free template will be released to delegates).
  • Delegates will, in participatory workshops:
  • Learn how to assess the risks to their organisation’s systems;
  • Be shown the tools, advice and guidance available to protect data;
  • Look at the future implications for Governance, Data Collection and Control for the ‘Effective Board’; and
  • In a summarising final slot delegates will be left with the top ten tips for making data safe and leave with an action plan to address this within their organisations.

Who should attend?

Chairs, Audit Chairs, Board Members, CEO’s, Finance Directors, Operational Directors, CIOs, IT Directors, Customer/Scrutiny Panel Chairs – anyone with an interest in ensuring the security of their business!

Limited spaces available – a maximum of 50 delegate places per date. Register your interest now!

£325 plus VAT. Additional places for the same organisation only £275 plus VAT.

To register call 0844 800 6887 or email or online here.

Creating the right culture to maintain cyber security

It is very worrying that numerous small and even large businesses are not providing ongoing training into the importance of remaining secure. Without this ongoing training, it is almost impossible to create the culture required to improve cyber security and its awareness.

With a lack of ongoing training it creates the perception that cyber security is not a serious issue and if this is the case, why should employees take it seriously? Instead, it becomes something that has to be completed upon induction but is forgotten about just as quickly.

The training itself must also be sufficient. A significant amount of the training that companies provide tends to focus upon what employees should do and the consequences of not complying. What also needs to be properly explained are the reasons as to why the training is so crucial.

If employees fully appreciate the reasons behind the processes and procedures that have been put in place, then they can play a crucial role in protecting company information.

As a result of this, they are going to be more susceptible to the training and make more of an effort to comply. This in turn leads to a more secure business.

Our Information Security Training Courses will be returning in 2016, with the first course being held in March 2016.

Connecting with your customers – the power of the Christmas advert!

For many Christmas presents the ideal time to connect and engage with your customers. However, in a B2B market, you can find that most businesses will start to wind down and possibly move projects to the new year.

Christmas presents the biggest advertising opportunities of the year, with big names spending millions on producing entertaining Christmas adverts.

John Lewis’ 2014 Christmas advert– ‘Monty the penguin’ cost the retailer £6.9 million, contributing towards a 4.8% rise in like for like sales in 2014 over the Christmas period.

But it’s not always about the revenue increase, the main driving force behind the best Christmas adverts is the ability to illicit an emotional response with a company’s target market.

Adverts these days rarely even feature a product, some just focus on a particular message that the company wishes to be associated with, instilling a connection in our minds (and hearts).

That being said, this year’s John Lewis advert ‘Man on the Moon’, with the catch phrase “show someone their loved this Christmas” featured one product a telescope, which sold out within five hours of the advert going live!

Small Businesses – how to create trust and a customer connection

Of course, small businesses will not have the resources or manpower to carry out campaigns of this magnitude. However, there are lots of things that SMEs can do in order to create a similar connection with their target consumers.

By implementing an international standard, and achieving certification by a third party you are sending a message to customers that they can trust that you will keep your promises.

Whatever your business, there is a standard suited to you, allowing you to connect with customers with a validation they can understand.

This can also help you to differentiate yourself from your competitors, through your processes, staff and your customer commitments.

Look out for the remaining days in our ’12 days of Christmas Adverts’ will your favourite be included? Get involved and let us know your favourite on Twitter and LinkedIn!

Sources: FT, BBC

Our top 5 tips for navigating the office Christmas party

By Kerrie Radburn, Digital Marketing Apprentice

As I am new to the Christmas party and a lot of people might be in the same boat as me, I thought it may be an idea to look at the dos and don’ts of your work Christmas party!

Some of you may be seasoned Christmas party-goers but this might be useful for some of you as well as did you know that up to half of people dread the office party out of fear that they will embarrass themselves!

With that in mind, take a look at our top five tips to ensure you have a great time:

Do remember that even though Christmas parties are intended to be social events to reward employees, they still remain business events! Conduct yourself professionally at all times.

Don’t spend all evening talking business! You don’t want to be named as the office bore!

Do enjoy yourself at the party! Employers spend a lot of money to reward their staff at the end of the year, appreciate this!

Don’t turn up in inappropriate outfits! The party is still a business function so sporting clothing that is revealing or too flashy wouldn’t be the best idea!

Do go out of your way to talk to people you might not usually get the chance to talk to – the office party is a time to be social, so get mingling with people on the road or in other departments!

Meet Our Team

While it is our job to find out lots about you and your business requirements, we thought that you might like to get to know us a little bit better. Each month we will introduce you to a member of our team, giving you opportunity to learn more about each of us!

Get to know Mike!

This month you can find out all about Mike Williams, our Finance Assistant!

What is your role in the office?
I work in the Finance Department as an assistant, having worked my way up from Junior Apprentice; my role is mainly working on the day to day running of the department and assisting management where I can with reporting and analysis. I also dabble in a bit of handyman work around the office, never far away from the trusty screwdriver or radiator bleeding key! I am also the chief of sarcasm and winding people up in the office – it’s always the quiet ones!

What is your favourite thing about working at ISO QSL?
My favourite thing has to be the diversity of the job, getting to do so many different things on a daily basis always keeps things fresh and being able to have a direct impact on the company though your work or suggestions. And perhaps more importantly the cakes and Pizza… we get a lot of cake and Pizza!

Why did you choose this profession?
Well initially my dream was to be a Maze Designer, but I just kept getting lost in my work… So I thought about becoming a barber, but I just couldn’t cut that either! Then I remembered I was quite good at maths, but I really hated it at school, so decided to do an A-level in accounting as an alternative and found that I really enjoyed the financial side of maths and the problem solving involved with accounts.

Tell us something in the office nobody knows about you.
I have played table tennis with Dame Kelly Holmes – and won may I add!

What is your fondest Christmas memory?
Lounging in front of the TV watching films with my family, decorations everywhere, boxes of chocolates and sweets being devoured, roaring fire and the dog on my lap asleep… A Christmas Miracle in my house!!

If you could take 3 things to a desert island what would they be and why?
1. My Dog – He is my little shadow, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere without him, plus he would be good company and entertainment for the island.
2. Sun-tan lotion – I burn like a peach, always good to have some factor 50 to keep that milky white skin looking healthy!
3. A TV with an internet connection so I can catch up on some shows and watch the football.

Who is your personal hero?
My best friend – a pretty awesome person and friend who has been through a lot and had some real rough patches in their life, but has always come through it no matter what is thrown their way. Rather than your typical rich and famous person as a hero, I think it’s more important that your hero is someone that changes you, inspires you or just makes you want to be a better person like them – hence the totally soppy answer!

How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?
I have been told to keep this answer short so… Firstly I would weapon up, secondly I would find myself a Batman-esk bulletproof body suit so that I couldn’t get bitten and finally get myself a Lamborghini to cruise around in – this serves no practical purpose other than I think it would look totally awesome!

And also find a chef to cook for me as I couldn’t survive if takeaways didn’t exist!

What is your favourite Christmas film?
National Lampoons Christmas Vacation – it’s your typical cheesy Christmas film but a good laugh at the same time.

Do you have a Christmas family tradition?
Sleeping and eating – Our tradition seems to be stuff our faces with food and then fall asleep for the rest of the day or watching trashy Christmas specials of TV shows!

 ISO Training Services Update

ISO Training Services

As an independent organisation, we understand how important training is to a company and have seen first-hand the boost to morale, profits, customer satisfaction and employee loyalty.

We are also aware that delivering high quality services, consistently, is a challenge for any organisation which is why we aim to make it easier for you.

Our courses are intensive but fully interactive sessions, which focus on the important element of training – the end application!


Dates: 28th January 2015 (9.30am start)

Cost:   £295 + VAT per delegate (Inc. materials & refreshments)

I have lots of questions; is this course right for me?

Have you recently implemented ISO 9001; are you new to the standard or are you not sure if ISO 9001 is for you? Then this is an excellent introduction for anyone involved in the development, implementation and management of ISO 9001.

This training course is designed to help your organisation demonstrate commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, as well as continuously improving your quality management systems (QMS).

Our friendly trainers will help you overcome any reservations you might have and enable you to understand the requirements of the standard, help you to improve your management processes and prepare your business for growth.

And finally it’ll provide an overview of the purpose and requirements of ISO 9001 as a tool for business improvement.

Course Content

Quality Manager training will cover the following topics, as well as allowing for question & answer sessions on the day:

      • Principles and elements of ISO 9001
      • Role of the Quality Manager
      • How to integrate ISO into the daily activities of the business
      • Effective objective setting
      • How to run a Management Review Meeting effectively
      • Guide to internal auditing
      • Focus on bench marking and its importance to quality management
      • Continuous improvement
 As an independent organisation, we understand how important training is to a company and have seen first-hand the boost to morale, profits, customer satisfaction and employee loyalty.We are also aware that delivering high quality services, consistently, is a challenge for any organisation which is why we aim to make it easier for you.

Our courses are intensive but fully interactive sessions, which focus on the important element of training – the end application!
ISO 27001 Information Security Management


Dates: 24th/25th February 2015 (2 day course)
Cost: £450 + VAT per delegate

Why attend this course?

No information security management system can achieve its potential unless the underlying principles are understood, supported by management and become part of a company’s normal operating procedure.

This course will address the main principles and elements involved when adopting the ISO 27001 standard and provide a foundation for companies who are interested in using the standard as the mainstay for their information security approach.

You will gain an understanding of:
• Categorising and mitigating risk
• Scoping and maintaining an Information Security Management System
• Asset management
• Setting up security governance and associated roles involved

Course Content

• Principles and elements of ISO 27001
• Role of the information security management representative
• How to establish information security governance within your organisation
• Asset management – how to complete an inventory
• Completion of risk assessments
• Statement of applicability
• Document requirements
There will also be a chance for a questions and answers at the end of each session with a recap at the end of the day.

Feel you or a colleague would benefit from this training? To attend this course or for more information, please call 01905 670303 or email


ISO Training Services

Thornton & Lowe Tender Training

In addition, our friends at Thornton & Lowe are running two upcoming training workshops in Manchester City Centre based on bidding and tendering practises. Founded in 2009 Thornton & Lowe has quickly grown as a niche bid management, procurement and training provider offering strategic guidance, operational support and business solutions to a range of clients.

Theses approved ILM Development Programmes in Bidding & Tendering include: ilm

An Introduction to Bidding & Tendering: Ensuring Pre-qualification (PQQ) Success

  • Understanding the public sector procurement process
  • How to find suitable opportunities
  • Identifying barriers to PQQ success
  • A pathway to contract readiness
  • Gaining experience when you can’t win contracts
  • Developing your PQQ response to maximise success
  • Importance of evidence
  • What does a good PQQ response look like
  • Making use of feedback and continuous improvement

Who should attend? Click here for more information.

If you would like to express an interest, or you would like to book on this course, please click here.

Bidding & Tendering: Improving Performance and Winning More Contracts

  • Developing a bid strategy and business winning systems
  • Bid no bid procedures and reporting
  • The importance of relationships
  • Understanding bid requirements
  • Developing discriminators and win themes
  • Planning, preparing and writing a response
  • Added value and social value
  • Colour reviews
  • Branding, design and use of colour
  • Feedback, freedom of information and continuous improvement

Who should attend? Click here for more information.

What people have said about their past events!

“I found the day extremely useful and have had a lot of information to feedback to the rest of our team, so thank you!”

“The day was really helpful, a day well spent.”

Course Dates Added for Birmingham in February 2016!

Bid Writing – Developing the written content of your bid
Date: 14th January 2016
Location: Manchester

PQQ Workshop – Introduction to bidding
Date: 20th January 2016
Location: London

ITT Workshop – Developing your bids and improving success rates
Date: 21st January 2016
Location: London

Bid Writing – Developing the written content of your bid
Date: 11th February 2016
Location: Birmingham

PQQ Workshop – Introduction to bidding
Date: 24th February 2016
Location: Birmingham

The cost for this date is £295+VAT per delegate, per session. This includes all course material, lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

If you would like more information or to book on the course, please get in touch with our head office on 01204 238 046, or email the team at

Be part of our LinkedIn community

If you haven’t joined already – what are you waiting for?

ISO news, training updates and offers, meet the ISO QSL team and connect with other like-minded individuals.

Visit us at: ISO QSL LinkedIn Company page

Networking events in January 2016

Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce – Networking Breakfast

Date: 14.01.16

Cost: £17.50 Members / £35.00 Non members

Time: 07.30am – 9.30am

Venue: Worcestershire County Cricket Club, Worcester, WR2 4QQ

Website:Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce

Event Description

This business breakfast is held monthly and draws in a wide range of businesses from Worcestershire and beyond. With lots of opportunities for networking and a thought-provoking business speaker, it’s the best breakfast most of us will have in a month. The early start will fit in nicely with your working day!

Greater BirminghamGreater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce – Business Expo

Date: 29.01.2016

Time: 7.30am – 10.00am

Venue: The Vox Conference Centre

Website:Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

Event Description

A new-year expo that is looking forward to welcoming more than 500 SMEs to the chamber expo! Chamber expo offers you the platform to build your network, promote your business and increase your knowledge.

Apprentices in Business Networking Evening

Date: 27.01.2016

Cost: FREE to attend for both apprentices and employers

Time: 5.30pm- 8.30pm

Venue: NEW LARGER VENUE! Worcestershire County Cricket Club


Event Description

Apprentices in Business networking club was created for Worcestershire apprentices to meet like-minded young people (aged 18-24) in a less formal environment than work or college.  The events are designed to be fun, informative and give plenty of time to meet new people. Free drinks and nibbles are provided, to keep the event fun.

Are you a client of ours? Would you recommend our services to your clients / suppliers…why not refer a friend?

Win a case of wine worth £1,000Receive a free case of wine or a £50 Marks & Spencer’s Voucher…..the choice is yours!

(To qualify for this you must refer a successful lead).

To offer your referrals please contact – or call 01905 670 303

ISO Quality Services Ltd are proud to specialise in the implementation and certification of the Internationally recognised ISO and BS EN Management Standards.

Do you want to get ahead of your competition? Win more tenders or save time and money on reoccurring issues? Contact us today on 0330 058 5551 or email

Alternatively, you can request a quote by filling out our enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

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