Boosting recruitment and retention with ISO 9001

28 Jul, 2019

To the uninitiated, it seems impossible that the Quality Management Standard, ISO 9001, has a role to play in recruitment and retention. That’s not the case…

There are many reasons why employees leave jobs: poor management performance, overworked employees, lack of employee recognition, little or no opportunity for growth and a poor company culture. What, if anything, do these have to do with ISO 9001, the Quality Management Standard?

The answer is simple: everything.

Improving the way you run your business
A management system improves the way your company works. A natural by-product of this is that your employees become happier. After all, work is more rewarding when you feel able to achieve your required output, and ISO 9001 plays a part in that by ensuring staff training needs are identified and met. New starters and those promoted into more challenging roles find that the clearly documented processes and procedures associated with ISO 9001 are a great source of support whilst they become familiar with their duties.

Identifying employees at risk of burnout
Of course, employees becoming overworked is a risk in any organisation but ISO 9001 helps identify this risk. The analysis of non-conformances at Management Review Meetings helps to highlight where mistakes have been made due to work pressures so more support and training can be provided.

Eradicating dissatisfied customers
ISO 9001’s ‘right first time’ approach means that each employee has less chance of having to handle a dissatisfied customer. There’s less time spent apologising for flaws in products or services and more time spent proactively improving quality.

Giving employees a brighter future
As for opportunities for growth, ISO 9001 is designed to support growing businesses. It ensures that objectives are clearly defined and progress is reviewed regularly. It also helps to identify potential risks to success. By supporting growth, ISO 9001 also helps to provide opportunities for existing staff to develop into new roles within the business. Regular customer surveys also give new opportunities for staff to be recognised for their contribution either individually or as part of a team.

Recruiting to meet future objectives
As ISO 9001 promotes a growth mindset, it’s not surprising that many of our clients frequently recruit as a result of new vacancies or internal promotions. Adopting the principles of ISO 9001 ensures that recruitment is carefully considered in parallel with the company’s objectives. This helps to ensure that the right people are employed at the right time.

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