Better Your Chances of Achieving Accredited Certification

17 Jun, 2021

Did you know that implementing non-accredited ISO certification can better your chances of achieving accredited certification like UKAS or INAB? Here’s how…

Firstly, it’s important to remember that whilst non-accredited certification and accredited certification are two different things, the actual management system you implement is exactly the same. The difference between these two certification routes is who certificates you and how they do it.

Non-accredited certification is a cheaper, simpler and quicker route to achieving certification. Unlike accredited certification, which takes 6-9 months, non-accredited can be achieved in as little as 6-8 weeks. What’s more, you’ll receive full support from an ISO consultant during the process, something an accreditation body is unable to offer. Because of this, it is difficult for organisations to pass certification first time so ISO consultant like ourselves are often required.  Therefore, additional costs are incurred to achieve this as you’re effectively paying both an accredited and non-accredited provider.

If this is the case, why would some organisations choose accredited certification?

Well, non-accredited certification is often enough for most organisations. However, there are occasions where accredited certification is required by a customer, trade association of regulatory body. This is because the accredited certification industry is heavily regulated, unlike non-accredited certification which offers a level of flexibility. For example, if we can see you’re working on a particular area but aren’t quite compliant, we will give you time to achieve this rather than failing you at your audit.

In these instances, achieving accredited certification is actually much easier if you already have non-accredited certification. So, if you’re not in a rush to achieve accredited certification or aren’t even sure if you really need it, it’s definitely worth considering non-accredited certification first.

The main reason behind this is due to the level of support you will receive from a non-accredited certification provider. As we have already mentioned, accreditation bodies are not able to offer any support with the implementation and management of your ISO certification. They are only allowed to carry out the assessments, providing you with either a pass or a fail.  This means that, by implementing non-accredited certification first, you will benefit from an abundance of support from experienced ISO consultants. You may be surprised to learn that they even carry out audits for accredited certification so they are well experienced when it comes to the accreditation process.

To begin, your ISO consultant will conduct a GAP Analysis to identify where you are now and what works you need to complete in order to be compliant with the Standard. These findings will be documented in a report for you to use during the implementation process. You will also be given access to forms and templates, guidance notes, webinars, training as well as day to day support from an account manager. Your ISO consultant will carry out an additional assessment to see how you are getting on and offer any additional support where required. Following this, and provided all the necessary works have been completed, you will be presented with your ISO certification.

This support is available throughout the duration of your certification. If you decide to switch to accreditation certification, you will already have both the confidence and experience of running a complaint management system, allowing for a smoother transition.

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