Auditor Rotation: The Benefits to Your Business

4 Feb, 2020

We are often asked ‘why can’t we have the same Assessor at each audit?’, find out how our auditor rotation benefits your business.

We understand that when it comes to business, building relationships is important and quite often a particularly strong relationship can develop with one Auditor, making you reluctant to have another.  However, there are good business reasons for our auditor rotation and we believe it allows us the opportunity to provide you with the best support and advice so your business can benefit from Certification.

Our Policy

We aim to limit the number of Assessor’s to two for each company with a third allocated should any issues arise, for example if an Assessor in unexpected unavailable due to annual leave etc.

We always ensure that our Assessors have a good knowledge of your business, how you work and how your management system is progressing prior to their visit.  If you would prefer, we can also arrange an introductory call with them so you can voice any concerns prior to your face-to-face meeting.

The Benefits

The key benefits to our Auditor Rotation Policy include:

1. Advice remains unbiased
Auditor rotation ensures Assessors aren’t auditing their own work from a previous visit.  You will therefore receive independent advice and additional viewpoints each time, ensuring the process remains unbiased.

2. You will receive a range of expertise
Whilst all of our Assessor’s share the same core knowledge around the standards and compliance, each have their own unique business experience.  Rotating Assessors therefore gives you access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

3. A wider choice of audit dates
We appreciate getting a date in the diary can be difficult, especially when you require attendance of several colleagues.  Auditor rotation provides you with a wider choice of dates, ensuring we can meet your requirements where possible.

4. Reduces risk of disruption
Like you, we aim to build long lasting relationships with our Auditors and whilst an assessor leaving is rare, it does happen.  We want to ensure that this causes minimal disruption to your business and having more than one assessor know your business is a key way for us to achieve this.

Many businesses have already seen the benefits the auditor rotation has brought them and find it works extremely well.  If you have any further queries, please contact our team on 0330 058 5551.

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