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Charlie Allen

Charlie Allen

My Background

I became part of the ISOQSL family in 2011, after spending 6 months travelling the world. Prior to this I worked in purchasing for an online retail company, this showed me that working in an SME is something I thoroughly enjoy. Understanding all elements of the business I work in is important to me, I am eager to learn and add more value across all areas not just my immediate role.


My Role

Originally, I was recruited as a Sales Advisor and worked closely with Jennifer (our MD) in building the New Business side of things. As much as I enjoyed this division of the company, I quickly moved to a team leader and then management role with Jennifer recognising my strengths with people and gaining results early on. As the business grew so did my responsibility and I became Operations Manager in 2018.

My role in Operations is a dream opportunity; I can be involved in all areas of the business and can directly impact the direction we are heading in.  My focus being our Clients and the service that we provide, when my colleague Lauren Kebby juggles the day to day, I work on the strategy for the department.

I pride myself in my abilities to effectively problem solve, be dynamic and find better ways of working. One element of the role that this is particularly important for, is running our own quality management system.

I am fortunate enough to be able to bring my passion for personal development outside of work into my role and a proportion of my time is spent coaching members of the team on their mindset and how, with simple changes, they can be more confident and productive, ultimately increasing how effective they are in their roles.



I truly believe the biggest investment you can make is in yourself. I spend a large percentage of my free time reading, particularly in the field of human behaviour. I am a huge fan of journaling, visualisation, mediation and yoga.