ISO 22301:2012 Business Continuity Management System

ISO 22301; What is it?

The ability to be able to continue operations regardless of any minor or major incident is becoming increasingly important to businesses.

A business continuity management system leads to greater competitiveness and decreases the amount of ‘down time’ a business will have if the unexpected occurs.

The ISO 22301 covers the requirements for a robust business continuity management system, which will allow the company to minimise the risk associated with disruptions and to ensure control is maintained at all times.

Why ISO 22301 Certification?

Obtaining the ISO 22301 certification proves to your stakeholders and customers you have the ability to continue operating during adverse conditions, giving them peace of mind that you are a reliable supplier.

Benefits to you:

  • Improvement of business reputation leading to higher customer retention through increased performance record
  • Enhanced business decision making ability as the company will have a better understanding of threats to operations
  • Reduced risk of interruption to internal operations as a result of continuity incidents
  • Helps safeguard the future of the business


Benefits to your customers:

    • Increased ability to deliver service to customers in adverse conditions
    • Reduction in the amount of potential ‘down time’, will have a knock on effect to customers – i.e. reducing their risk
    • Issues are identified and preventative actions are put in place to avoid disruptionsto customers


Benefits to your staff:

    • Increased staff competency through enhanced process and procedure
    • Improves job satisfactionas employees are clear about what to do in cases of adverse conditions
    • Boost morale and motivation through improved training capabilities



An ISO 22301 certification can be achieved by any business, of any size, in any given sector which is looking to safeguard itself against adverse conditions which may pose a threat to day to day operations:

Obtaining ISO 22301 Certification:

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