There’s nothing fishy about Drywite’s commitment to best practice

Drywite are a well-established client of ISO Quality Services Limited and I remember the initial jokes regarding wine well.

However, Drywite actually deals with an altogether different cocktail. The family owned, international company supply the familiar ‘non-brewed condiment’ (often mistakenly called vinegar) so synonymous with chip shop chips.

Having started out serving the local fish and chip community with solutions to help delicious chips stay ‘dry and white’ during preparation an incredible 85 years ago, the company now also equips kitchens with a range of other catering utensils and services.

After a site tour and an opening meeting with the Operations Director and Technical Operations Operative, I conducted a full review of the company’s ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 systems. It was immediately clear that the company took their quality and environmental management exceptionally seriously, the organisation of the systems was outstanding and evidently forms an integral part of the business activities.

I am confident, based on what I observed, that the strategic way the company is moving forward and utilising its systems will ensure that Drywite will continue to be in operation for at least another 85 years.

That is good news for chip lovers everywhere!