SPE Limited achieve ISO 9001:2015 Certification

SPE are very proud to announce that they have achieved ISO 9001 certification within a matter of weeks!  The initial assessment was on 22nd May 2018, with the certificate being awarded on 18th July 2018.

In order to continue with the ongoing growth and development of the business, the company decided that a lot of the internal business processes needed to be formalised, providing improved internal communications and help focusing on the important areas of the business. The aim was for management processes to be established throughout the business, providing a sound foundation and leading to increased productivity and profit through improved efficiency and communications.

Worcester-based ISO Quality Services Ltd (ISOQSL) was selected as the company to help SPE through the process. During the initial assessment it was shown that SPE already had most of the required processes in place; recommendations were made by ISOQSL of additional processes which needed to be implemented in order to achieve certification.

Working with Richard, Ruth, and their team through the process of gaining the ISO 9001:2015 was a pleasure. They were easy to work with and showed full commitment to the process” said Colin Watkins, Senior Lead Assessor for ISOQSL. He continued: “they embraced all the recommendations given to them and we can already see a difference in the business in this short period of time. They were responsive and communicative throughout, and we look forward to our future visits with them.”

All of SPE’s staff are aware of the systems now in place and have fully embraced the move, knowing that it is of benefit to everyone within the company.  Surprisingly, it doesn’t mean that much more paperwork is involved, just that the information is handled more efficiently.

Richard Smith, Managing Director of SPE Ltd stated “I can highly recommend ISO Quality Services Ltd and, in particular, Colin Watkins and Chrissy Bligh. They made what initially appeared to be an arduous, complicated process easy to understand and very beneficial to our company. We are already reaping the rewards and we have only just been certified!