Clearview Systems: using ISO to help their clients see their businesses clearly

In 2003, Clearview Systems identified a gap in the market. They blended their management consultancy expertise with innovative software development to create business performance software that enables companies that need ongoing business support to maximise the performance of their businesses day in day out.

Clearview’s software gives a unique insight into how a business is operating against its vision, mission and goals, driving improved performance whilst managing business risks, and clearly showing progress against KPIs at a collective and individual level. It is now used by over 250 organisations  within the United Kingdom.

In 2011, having already proved its software to be highly valued by clients, Clearview sought certification to ISO 9001 (the Quality Management Standard) to assist with tendering. Clearview decided to implement ISO 27001 (the Information Security Standard) at the same time, as this would immediately improve its credibility as a software supplier.

It soon became clear that the ISO standards would prove to be far more beneficial than a simple tick-box exercise. ISO 9001 in particular compliments Clearview’s own business values of integrity, respect and quality.

Nicky Hawkins, Director, comments, “It brings a consistency of quality to the customer experience and to our team’s day to day activities. Suggestions for improvements are actively welcomed and discussed at monthly team meetings. ISO is so embedded in our organisation that people automatically raise elements of the standard, such as supplier non-conformances, without even thinking about it. The buy-in has been incredible.

As for achieving ISO 27001, we consider safety and security as a matter of course and it has become embedded within the organisation. Everyone has a lockable storage facility and nothing of significance is left on desks. Data classification and compliance has become a consideration at every turn – when developing our software, when storing information, when emailing information, etc. The standard speaks for itself and customers know we are a trusted and credible software supplier. Even before GDPR had been thought of, our staff were extremely vigilant about confidential information.”

Like many businesses, ISO certification was something Clearview considered for some time before taking the plunge. “Looking back, it’s hard to believe we had reservations,” she adds.

“We were concerned about the amount of time it would take but the support offered by ISO Quality Services Ltd has proved invaluable. It is useful to be able to bounce ideas off our assessor and he helps us keep up-to-date.

Continued ISO certification significantly enhances our reputation and helps us to grow as a business, bringing quality and security to the forefront of our minds. We have become more efficient and effective as a result of achieving these awards and are confident that this will continue into the future.”

Nicky’s Top Tips for Success

  • Attend a training session or sign up to the online training courses to get a flavour, then go for it!
  • Decide how you are going to manage the ongoing tasks and automate these as much as possible. We use a combination of our own software and Microsoft SharePoint to manage strategies, tasks, risks, audits, reviews and training plans.
  • Ask your assessor for advice – they’ll enjoy being part of your company’s success.

Our Assessor’s View

“It was a pleasure to conduct an audit within such a well-structured, well informed and progressive company as Clearview Systems. I found Clearview to be a company which knows where it is, where it wants to be and how it intends to get there.  Most importantly, it knows it is making a difference.

Throughout their recent re-certification audits of Quality Management (ISO 9001:2015) and Information Security Management (ISO 27001:2013) a continuing theme of clarity, consistency and structure was apparent.  In large part, Clearview is able to achieve this by use of its internal software platform, which links mission, vision, values and risks to operational and planned priorities, objectives and projects. This promotes not only good structure but crystallises ownership and accountability for improvement across all tiers and functions of the company.  It also facilitates an excellent method of undertaking internal audits, whereby a clear structured programme can be outlined, action taken and progress tracked through to a successful outcome. Congratulations on demonstrating clear and incremental evidence of improvement.”

Peter O’Neill.

Our Account Manager’s View

“Clearview Systems are always a pleasure to deal with. As their Account Manager, it fills me with pride when I see the excellent work they are doing to both maintain and continually improve their ISO Management System. The entire team is dedicated to providing the best possible service to their customers, suppliers and associates. Having their certification only elevates this.”

Rhiannon Lewcock.