Case Studies

“The implementation of ISO standards into Unloq Systems was required by the business development and by our clients too. The process with ISO Quality Services was very smooth and natural. We would recommend ISO Quality Services as the best company for implementing ISO.” – Corina Patachi (2017)

“We initially chose ISO Quality Services purely for convenience, as at the time, there were no French certification agencies accredited to deliver the ISO 17100 certificate. Next, as we were seeking an international provider, we preferred it to be an English speaking one. Since then we have stayed with ISO Quality Services because we’re very… Read more

Offsite Servers Limited are a cloud-based hosting and technology company, located in the United Kingdom. They decided to obtain ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 27001 Information Security Management certification so that they could be recognized for their quality service. ISO Certification to recognize the quality of their service Offsite Servers Limited are a cloud-based… Read more