ISO Lite

ISO Lite

At ISO Quality Services Limited we know the value for our clients of a systematic and process driven approach to managing their business.  However, we also appreciate that for some micro and small businesses, full certification of any of the standards may not be right for your business at this stage.  That is why we have developed ISO Lite – ISO certification scaled down.

What is ISO Lite?

ISO Lite is a scaled down version of the main ISO standards (IS0 9001 Quality Management).  It contains the main procedures and documentation within these standards that you can pick and choose from depending on which ones are relevant to your business including:

  • Organisational profile and scope
  • Quality policy
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Documenting information
  • Internal audit schedule
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Register of approved suppliers and more.

You can then review the separate elements, pick which ones you want to implement in to your business and then work on implementation at your own pace.  As your business develops and grows you can add further elements in.

How does it work?

ISO Lite is a straightforward, downloadable system with no contract, no audits, no inspections and no obligation to renew. You will have access to our exclusive online client area for 12 months from the date of payment where you can download the documents that you wish to use within that time.

What are the Benefits of ISO Lite?

The main benefit of any ISO standard is improved processes which can lead to increased profits, better utilisation of your time, fewer problems to deal with and quicker resolution of problems when they occur.

  • With ISO Lite you can implement the processes at your own pace and in your own time with no assessments or audits to worry about.
  • There is the optional extra of telephone assistance if required.
  • You can pick and choose the elements that are relevant to your business.
  • It assists with future planning for your business.
  • It is a foot in the door for certification if that becomes relevant to your business at a later date. Your transition from ISO Lite to full certification would be stress-free.

Who is ISO Lite Suitable For?

ISO Lite is suitable for any micro or small business looking to improve processes.  Turnover must be circa £250k.

It is not sector specific but examples of sectors that we already cover include, professional/business services, design and technology, manufacturing, engineering, waste and cleaning, IT and creative, charity and care, construction/property and automotive/transport.

There is no requirement that you look to become fully certified at a later date but your transition to full certification would be straightforward if you already have ISO Lite processes in place.