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Amber Budvytyte

Amber Budvytyte


I joined ISO Quality Services this September in the Marketing Department as a Marketing Co-Ordinator. Prior to starting my role here, I graduated from University of Worcester in 2016 with a degree in Illustration. I have done various jobs throughout the years but since 2021 I found myself more and more in marketing roles. For the past year I have worked freelance as Social Media Assistant & Manager for small local businesses as well as a bigger company called Bored Panda based in Lithuania.


Although I have started the role very recently and am still learning I can already see how much I will love it. I will be managing our Social Media accounts (Twitter, Linkedin & Facebook), working closely with various campaigns, overlooking our website and many more. I am very excited and looking forward what challenges this role will bring!


I am a mum to a wonderful little boy and majority of the time that I am not at work I spend with my son doing various activities. When I get some time to myself I love sitting down with a nice hot cuppa and read a book (currently obsessed with Karin Slaughter books). Coming from a very creative background it will come to no surprise that I love, well, creating. Anything from painting to crocheting, as long as it is something I can create. I love learning new skills and going on little adventures in the nature when given the chance.