Three Great Reasons to Nominate Someone In Our Good Egg Awards…

8 Feb, 2021

Recognise those who have gone above and beyond for your organisation during the pandemic in our Good Egg Awards…..

Let’s face it, it’s been a difficult 12 months and we could all do with something to look forward to! So why not make someone’s day by nominating them for one of our Good Egg Awards? Categories this year include:

  • Quality Egg: Nominate the hero who has gone above and beyond for your customers!
  • Internal Auditor Egg: Nominate the hero who has kept your management system on track!
  • Information Security Egg: Nominate the hero who has protected your business’s data!
  • Health and Wellbeing Egg: Nominate the hero who looks after the health and wellbeing of your team!
  • Most Dynamic Egg: Nominate the dynamic hero who has embraced change!

Employee recognition plays a vital role in any company culture.  Here are three great reasons why you should recognise yours today:

  1. They tend to be happier which is contagious to other employees and your customers.  Happy employees = happy customers!
  2. It makes them feel appreciated which encourages productivity and motivation.
  3. It helps you retain talent meaning you save money on finding and re-training someone new.

Our Good Egg Awards can help you recognise those who have been the backbone of your organisation throughout the pandemic and it takes just a minute to nominate them!

Simply read through the categories below and make someone’s day by nominating them here for their chance of winning a prize. 

Unfortunately, not everyone can be a winner, but everyone entered will get a Nomination Certificate, which provides great recognition for your team members.

You have until 5 pm on Friday 26th March to nominate, winners will be selected at random and announced in our awards ceremony taking place virtually between 4 pm and 5 pm on Wednesday 31st March 2021, where we will ask all nominees and nominators to join us in celebrating the good eggs of 2020. 


Good luck!

Quality Egg
Say thank you to the hero who has gone above and beyond for your customers!

Do you have a quality hero?

Someone who has ensured your products/services continue to meet customer expectations despite the pandemic?

Who puts quality at the heart of your business?

Who has found new and better ways of doing things throughout the pandemic?

Or has dealt with your tricky customers when COVID-19 through a spanner in the works?

Internal Auditor Egg
Say thank you to the hero who has kept your management system on track!

Do you have an internal auditing hero?

Someone who has kept your management system on track throughout the pandemic?

Who constantly monitors your systems to ensure everything is working well?

Who has assessed with the identification of risks during the pandemic?

Or has reviewed the business operations, ensuring you’re able to meet customer needs and expectations.

Information Security Egg
Say thank you to the hero who has protects your business’s data!

Do you have an information security hero?

Someone who makes sure the remote team are all working safely?

Who puts data privacy at the heart of the business?

Who ensures information is kept confidential despite working from home?

Or protects your CRM system from being copied to memory sticks?

Health and Wellbeing Egg
Say thank you to the hero who looks after the health and wellbeing of your team!

Do you have a health and wellbeing hero?

Someone who has gone the extra mile for you during lockdown?

Who is always on hand for a chat?

Who motivates the team on your morning Zoom call?

Or provides advice and support on all things ‘health and wellbeing’?

Most Dynamic Egg
Say well done to the dynamic hero who has embraced change!

Do you have a dynamic hero?

Someone who has found a new way of delivering your product/service during the pandemic?

Who is always prepared to move at a fast pace?

Who is flexible in their thinking?

Or who shows a willingness to learn and grow?

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