12 Nov, 2020

We want to help other businesses succeed so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to recommend that Digital Glue look into making a R&D tax credit claim. Was the process really as easy as we say? Find out…

The Digital Glue Team

Digital Glue, a Birmingham based digital marketing and design agency based close to the city’s iconic Selfridges building, sent its FD, Claire Bramhall, on free Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Programme hoping that the business advice received from course tutors would help fast track the company’s growth. However, a chance conversation with another delegate made attending the course worthwhile in its own right.

Our MD, Jennifer Semini, happened to spark up a conversation with Claire about her company’s successful R&D Tax Credit claim. Claire who looks after operations and finance for Digital Glue was immediately interested, having previously been advised that her company was ineligible. Still sceptical, she spoke to other businesses and found out that many of them were already successfully claiming. As each offered completely different products and services, Claire soon realised that R&D claims were not as cut and dry as she had been led to believe. Claire comments, “Jennifer runs a service-style business and someone else I spoke to supplied building systems for big office buildings. Neither of them fitted the stereotype I had in my head of businesses that would be able to claim R&D Tax Credits.”

Claire met with Phil and Mark from Business Solutions (Midlands) Ltd, the company Jennifer recommended. They outlined the claims process, making it sound so simple. She explains, “I looked at the R&D tax credit form, thought it looked really difficult and realised that we would risk getting less money if we completed it ourselves. I decided that I’d rather achieve a higher pay-out by getting someone experienced to help us and as Business Solutions have a ‘no win, no fee’ pricing model, the decision was made even easier.”

After two meetings and some emails, Digital Glue’s application was ready to be sent off. Claire explains how things progressed swiftly from that point on: “We put the claim in one Tuesday. I was in a meeting on the following Tuesday and mentioned that we’d submitted a claim. Suddenly, our Financial Manager surprised me by announcing that the money had already been paid into our bank account that very morning.”

The company reinvested some of its rebate into a new higher specification staging server. It was an essential purchase for the growing company and one which would have required financing via other means. A delighted Claire, who is already working on their second tax credit claim, comments, “It was a nice surprise when we told Phil what we had been buying and he immediately said that we could add the cost for it to our next claim! It’s been an eye-opening experience and now we think about things in a different way. Putting in the claim has definitely helped our company grow quicker.”

Next steps

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Contact Business Solutions (Midlands) to find out if you can claim! The day you spend putting together your claim will be your most productive day all year – if not, our MD Jen promises to send you a box of chocolates! Simply ask for Phil and say that ISO Quality Services recommended you. You can contact Phil on 07541 838 476 or email him on phil@bsmidlands.co.uk.

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