Achieve certification with the ISO Lite Toolkit

21 Nov, 2019

You’re a new, proactive and forward thinking business, and you might be jumping to get started with ISO certification, but perhaps you’re facing some challenges. Being a new business, obstacles are bound to present themselves as it’s not just a cheap, box-ticking way of gaining a certificate. It’s a way of building, expanding and ultimately managing your business, and everything in it. Implementing ISO is a worthwhile use resources and will benefit your business tremendously, but can take a fair amount of resources to do it well.

Don’t panic, this doesn’t mean that you can’t – you absolutely can. There’s another approach to certification that is specifically suited to smaller, newer businesses, and it starts with the ISO Lite Toolkit. Available for both the quality and information security management standards, this implementation toolkit is a series of over 20 key document templates for you to customise, along with guidance notes and a step by step work book. ISO Lite is something we’ve created to aid small and start-up businesses’ grow, as well as meet compliance to these world renowned systems.

The ISO Lite is a logical place to start your ISO journey, as it is the most flexible way to begin implementing the system, and you won’t be tied to a contract in any way. This leaves the decision to go onto the next step completely yours.

Should you decide to continue down the route to full certification, this DIY based approach sets you up for the next stage. Once you’ve implemented all that you can by yourself, we can conduct a GAP analysis to check compliance and offer advice based on the visit. Then, when you’re ready, we can come back and complete a full systems audit. All being well ISO certification can be awarded. On-going auditing will be undertaken to ensure continuous improvement and progress, as well as providing on-going, valid certification.

The toolkit is a stepping stone to the very first stage of gaining ISO certification for smaller to medium sized businesses. Beginning with this step can make the process quicker, as you don’t have to wait for business growth until you fully implement. It allows both of these things to happen simultaneously and in accordance with each other.

If you’d like to understand the ISO Lite Toolkit and what it contains a little more, then you can download free samples from the toolkit itself. Our online training modules compliment the ISO Lite Toolkit, and you can try our introduction modules for quality and information security absolutely free for 30 days.

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