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Our Customer Promises

Display positivity, passion & professionalism

We promise we’ll help you implement ISO management systems in a positive way so your key stakeholders understand the benefits of certification for them. Wherever you are on your ISO journey, we’ll help you take the next step. Whether providing training, giving advice or auditing you, it’ll always be clear that we’re here to help you succeed.

“Our certification went very smoothly, as always. Lots of constructive help for our business and a very friendly, business-like approach.”

We promise to share your passion for what you do as well as sharing our passion for business improvement with you. We’ll inspire you by passing on the experience we’ve gained from working in other organisations as well as our own. We’ll help you publicise your achievements, sharing your story with other like-minded businesses.

“They not only support you to achieve the certifications, but they help you understand the purpose and goal for the organisation. Great work!”

We promise we’ll be professional at all times: we’ll respond to your queries quickly, we’ll respect confidentiality and we’ll be reliable and trustworthy in all aspects of our behaviour. We also promise not to take a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We’ll take the time to understand your needs before proposing a tailored solution which has no hidden extras.

“The service we received was first class, the team was very friendly, approachable and always on hand to provide professional support.”

Be dynamic & deliver

We promise to be dynamic. We’ll anticipate changes in the market and innovate so our products and services best meet your needs. We’ll always offer constructive feedback to help you make positive changes to your organisation and we’ll help you maintain long-term compliance by informing you of forthcoming changes to your standard/s.

“We recently worked alongside ISOQSL to implement 14001 and we couldn’t be more impressed. Rhiannon and Richard are both very informative, helpful and friendly and are always on hand for any questions or queries. Our business processes have improved massively and we are looking forward to working with them again in the near future on 9001!

We promise to deliver by ensuring our service can’t be beaten. We’ll only employ people who share these core values and will want to help you succeed. We’ll get to know your business so you don’t have to go back to square one on every visit. We’ll ensure you get what you pay for, for example, by proactively managing your ISO certification schedule to ensure you never overlook an audit. We’ll deliver value-add by partnering with organisations which can offer you relevant services.

“Did exactly what they promised; provided support and guidance to get us to 9001 and 27001 certificates within about 2 months. With a previous company we’d spun our wheels for 6 months, but ISOQSL take a pragmatic approach and help you focus on the critical tasks, with the understanding ISO is a journey, not a destination.”

Be authentic & approachable

We promise to be authentic. We’ll have a genuine interest in what you do and we’ll be a trusted advisor that you can turn to. No query will be too small and no problem too large. We promise not to recommend unsuitable products/services. We’ll ask you for feedback and use this to shape our future plans.

“ISO Quality Services provide clear and relevant advice, guidance and support every step of the way. No unnecessary add-on sales, no harassment, just real support..”

Finally, we promise to be approachable. Our assessors are the friendly faces of ISO. From board level to factory floor, we’ll communicate in language that people can understand. We’ll welcome your enquiries and do our best to help you, even if it’s not strictly ISO related.

“Excellent training course and our  Account Manager is always quick to answer my queries and help with my audit questions. The external auditor gave great guidance and advice about which direction to go in and what to build on. Very friendly whilst remaining professional..”

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Our Mission

Providing ISO/BS Certification and support services using a ‘Keep it simple’ approach, while maintaining excellent customer service in the form of being open, honest and fair at all times.

Our Policies

You can download the ISO Quality Services company policies here:

Quality Management

April 2021-2022

Information Security

April 2021-2022

Health & Safety

April 2020-2021


April 2021-2022

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