Not Just Phoning It In

7 Mar, 2022

We are pleased to announce that aiaTranslations have achieved their ISO 17100 Translation Services Certification.  Recognised worldwide for setting the standard for translation services, ISO 17100 ensures organisations deliver a consistent hight-quality service to their clients.

Located in the USA, aiaTranslations are the leading provider of translation services for the life sciences industry.  They had recognised the benefits that ISO 17100 could bring them for some time, wanting to use it as an opportunity to stand out from their competitors and win more business.  But when it came to finding a partner, they wanted to ensure they engaged with someone who really fitted with their business, and we were excited to hear that partner was us.

It was clear right from the start that the team meant business as opposed to just going through the motions of certification or, as they say in the States just ‘phoning it in’.  This is a common mistake made by organisations and can stop them from achieving the full benefit of their Certification. 

At their initial assessment, aiaTranslations already had a lot of the procedures in place, they just weren’t documented.  Getting fully into the ISO spirit, CEO, Molly Naughton took this as an opportunity to not only create the procedures but to review and improve what they already had in place.  Molly even got the team involved in the process, asking them to review the documentation too.  This commitment to the Standard, continual improvement and team engagement is a great display of leadership, which will help aiaTranslations to fully embed the Standard into the business and reap the rewards. 

By their second visit, the team had made great progress and less than two weeks later, were presented with their ISO 17100 certification.  Lead Assessor, Julia Meaden comments: “Molly and Camilla were fantastic to work with.  I have never seen a customer so excited by the process and achieving their ISO Certification which is great”. 

Molly Naughton of aiaTranslations adds: “Many times an audit can feel restrictive and punitive.  Working with our auditor from ISO QSL to obtain our certification was the complete opposite. 

We felt strongly that this was an opportunity to grow and to document our processes in a meaningful way, and Julia, our auditor, worked with us as a partner to achieve our own internal goals.  The end product is not only certification, but a solid set of SOPs that will move our company forward.  We enjoyed the process! Thank you”.

You can find out more about ISO 17100 and how it can help your business either on our website or by calling our team on 0330 058 5551.

ISO Quality Services Ltd are proud to specialise in the implementation and certification of the Internationally recognised ISO and BS EN Management Standards.

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