Miracle on Lowesmoor

21 Dec, 2018

We collected almost three-quarters of a ton of food for Worcester Food Bank as part of our #ISOQSLbingobox Challenge. That’s  one hundredth of what the Food Bank needs each year!

We had an outstanding response from Worcestershire businesses to our Christmas campaign in aid of Worcester Food Bank.

We challenged other local firms to collect a minimum of 30 different food and toiletry items to collect a ‘full house’ in our ‘Bingo Box Challenge.’

Our MD, Jennifer Semini, explains, “Many businesses donated two, three or even four full bingo boxes. We filled two vans which had kindly been lent to us by Hertz and The Christmas Decorators but, even so, we were amazed to hear that the donations collectively weighed 771kg, that’s almost three-quarters of a ton!  None of this would have been possible without the support from businesses and individuals across Worcestershire and I’m truly thankful for their efforts.”

Items gathered included staples such as pasta, rice, tea, coffee, toothpaste and deodorant in addition to seasonal treats such as mince pies, selection boxes and Christmas cake. Additional items donated included new school shirts, tissues and toothbrushes.

Chairman, Peter Appleton, visited the Food Bank with Jennifer and members of the team to find out how the donations would be distributed. He says, “Having been shown around by Paul, I can say that the processes the Food Bank has implemented to ensure that food wastage is minimised and all users are treated fairly and with respect are impressive. We understand they will be in need of more donations again by February and we definitely be doing what we can to support them again.”

Graham Lucas, Worcester Food Bank Manager, says, “It’s encouraging and amazing how people turn to help the Food Bank at Christmas. I think of it as the Miracle on Lowesmoor. This was an absolutely fantastic effort and I’d like to pass my gratitude to all the businesses and individuals involved.”

The Challenge also inspired those further afield to donate to their local food banks. For example, a martial arts academy in Kidderminster, RPMAA, collected a van load of donations for Kidderminster Food Bank as a result of our promotion.

We thank everyone for their support and we look forward to helping the Food Bank again shortly. If you’d like to get involved, please email marketing@isoqsltd.com.


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