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Stephen Murphy

Stephen Murphy


The majority of my career has been in semiconductor engineering or put another way, manufacturing the tiny silicon chips that are becoming essential in every aspect of our lives. I have worked for companies that you will have heard of for example Motorola and Digital Equipment. On the other hand  I expect few people have heard of EM Microelectronic Marin but as they make chips for digital watches and car key fobs it is possible you have used one of their chips.

I have been self employed for twelve years, employing the continuous improvement skills I learned within semiconductors in other high tech industries; Aerospace, Space, Oil and Gas and Defence.

ISO Quality Services – Experience

I will be involved in all aspects of ISO 9001 and will be moving on to support with ISO 14001.

With my experience in continuous improvement I will be supporting customers who need some extra help to meet and exceed their customers expectations.

Employment History

Most of my experience is within large multinational companies that manufacture semiconductors. These include Texas Instruments, Motorola, Digital Equipment and Raytheon. I lived in Switzerland for five years where I worked for EM Microelectronic Marin, the chip making arm of the Swatch Group and L’Observatoire Cantonal de Neuchatel. L’Observatoire has now moved on but its experience was in very accurate atomic clocks for defining the second and precision timing for space use, particularly GPS.

For the last twelve years I have had multiple consultancy and interim management assignments within the UK and Europe. This has mainly involved helping companies with long standing and complex quality issues to exceed their customers expectations. This has required a mixture of skills including problem solving, team building and stakeholder management.


Out of work I spend my time helping my son to train his agility dogs, mountain walking and wildlife photography, some fishing for trout and salmon and low end rock climbing. My rugby playing days are over and unfortunately with the travelling I do, it is not possible to coach or referee. Recreational scuba has lapsed due to expense and type two diabetes. Only in cases of extreme urgency will I try DIY. Great skilled craftsmen exist to do excellent work where I can only bodge.