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Peter Appleton

Peter Appleton

Since leaving the RAF after 7 years (I won’t give away my age by telling you the year) I joined Churchmans Cigars (Imperial Tobacco Group) of Ipswich and quickly became a field sales trainer for some 5 years. This was followed by a 2 year contract with Colgate Palmolive as a National Accounts Manager.

In 1975 Philip Morris ( “Marlboro” the No 1 selling cigarette in the world) started their own sales team in the UK, I joined as sales promotions manager arranging a series of outside events through the years. Since then I have been involved in Trading Stamps as Regional Director, General Sales Manager in the motor trade and a variety of other industries which has given me the all-round business experience to draw on.

Prior to setting up ISO Quality Services Ltd. in May 2000, I worked for a competitor as a Quality Assurance Consultant (business to business) from 1997. This knowledge gained throughout my career assists me when meeting prospective new clients as I can quickly have an understanding on how their business works.

Currently I continue work hands on within the business, but mainly from a strategic point of view, pushing the company forward. I do however, enjoy meeting potential new clients, as this has been the majority of my life’s work, so will continue to be hands on, moving forward.

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