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Chetna Reay

Chetna Reay


I joined ISO Quality Services around in 2017. I am an experienced professional with over 20 years experience of quality, health & safety and environmental risk management. I have an extensive knowledge of Civil Engineering but have also been involved in compliance audits in other areas of industry such as manufacturing and technology. Prior to setting up my own company in 2003 I worked in local authorities and private practice. I have the ability to analyse processes and procedures against working practices in order to identity issues, with a view to eliminating the risks to a business. I work primarily with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards and also have experience of BS11000. I am self motivated and enthusiastic about everything I do and take a positive and pragmatic approach.


I am fortunate enough to have a husband who is at home so if I’m not working I’m usually socialising with my friends whether it’s enjoying a drink or walking in the Lake District. My youngest son plays county level cricket and football but I have to admit cricket is more preferable as it’s acceptable for mums to drink prosecco all day. I use much of my spare time (usually when sitting in traffic) listening to personal development audio books which I believe has helped me to succeed in everything I endeavor to do.

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