Meet Our Most Passionate Team Member

21 May, 2021

When we think of passion, there’s always one person who springs to mind: Business Development Advisor, Kerrie Radburn.  Here’s why…

What it means to be passionate at ISO Quality Services

Passion is one of our core values.  Our internal indicators which were put together using feedback from the team included:

  • Be caring towards your colleagues
  • Put your whole heart into your role
  • Complete each task to the best of your ability every day
  • Believe and take pride in what we do, the company and the team
  • Show determination to succeed
  • Be confident in yourself, your beliefs, and your ability
  • Go the extra mile and have the willingness to help others

And the one person who really ticks all these boxes, is the very passionate Kerrie Radburn.  

Who is Kerrie Radburn?

If there is one thing you should know about Kerrie, it’s that she literally oozes passion in all areas of her life, whether that’s her job, personal development or her family.  

Kerrie joined the team at just 18 years old as our Marketing Apprentice.  Straight from the off, we could see the potential in her.  She threw herself in to her role and learning the ropes, but we soon discovered that marketing wasn’t for her. 

Kerrie now solely works within new business as a Business Development Advisor, supporting organisations with their initial interest in ISO Certification.

How does Kerrie show passion?

Each morning, Kerrie arrives to the office with a positive mindset, ready to take on the day.  By this point, she’s already achieved so much; exercising before the rest of the household is awake, running around after daughter Ava and working on her own personal development journey.  She even plans her day in advance, knowing exactly what she will be working on as soon as she walks through the office door. 

She is one of the first to volunteer for a task and will go above and beyond to do it well.  Even when it might not go according to plan, she will never let it knock her confidence.  Instead, she will find the positive and see it as a lesson learnt rather than a failure.  Managing Director, Jennifer Appleton comments: “Kerrie is passion personified! She is so enthusiastic and tenacious; she never lets a ‘bad’ call get her down – she sees the bright side of all situations and is so keen on her own personal development it’s an inspiration. Naturally positive and passionate about what she believes in, being around Kerrie her joy is infectious!”

She is incredibly supportive of her colleagues, always offering a helping hand when they need support either professionally or personally.  Lauren Kebby, Client Care Team Leader comments: “Kerrie displays passion through her natural persona and the presence she has within a team. She is encouraging and passionate about the team’s own goals as well as her own.  Her recent personal development journey has been so refreshing to see, especially during the hardest time in most of our lives”.

Jenni Wharf, Finance Manager adds: “Kerrie shows a lot of passion for what she does.  She always appears positive and enthusiastic about potential new clients and her role. She has a can-do attitude and strives to improve and build on what she does”.

Kerrie concludes: “Passion is a core value of mine. Not having passion or being passionate about things in life is something that is very un-natural too me. It is also very easy to have a lot of passion for something you believe so strongly about. I know the service that ISO Quality Services Limited provide is second to none, so it is very easy for me to show passion towards my role and the business. This passion then flows through to the clients who are interested in our services. Being passionate is me to the core!”

The future…

Kerrie’s passion and determination has already seen her achieve so much at a young age and she continues to grow with the business year on year.  We are excited to see where this will take her over the coming years. 

ISO Quality Services Ltd are proud to specialise in the implementation and certification of the Internationally recognised ISO and BS EN Management Standards.

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