‘Passionate about people and the environment’

4 Oct, 2013

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Blendcheck offer training courses for those who wish to increase their knowledge of the rules and principals that underpin recycling and the minimisation of wastes.  This helps companies raise their awareness of how and what they can recycle, perhaps also saving money while complying with good practice and their ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management system.

So who are they?

Blendcheck are part of ERG – Environmental Resource Group.  ERG is no ordinary environmental services group.  Within ERG there is Chemtech, Chemclear, Envirosol, Blendcheck, Safeguard, Box Clever and RWH Construction.

So what makes ERG so different?

They are immerged in a ‘culture of care’ ethos

They care about our clients
They care about our employees
They care about the environment
They care about the community we operate within
They care about the services we provide
They care about the fine details
They care about continually improving
They care about remaining as number 1
They simply care

So what do they do?

Blendcheck are able to offer distinct Operator Competence Certificate (OCC), Continuing Competence, WAMITAB QCF and Waste Management training, assessment and consultancy services to a wide range of companies within the waste management, environmental and public sectors.  This is achieved by using a bespoke range of work based learning and assessment strategies.

Blendcheck became an approved WAMITAB assessment centre in 2001.  Their reputation has been built on a combined 37 years of successfully assessing waste management industry qualifications, both NVQ and QCF at all levels.

So what can they offer to you?

They can offer a full range of Level 1 to Level 4 QCF awards (accredited through WAMITAB) that relate to the waste management and facility management industries.  However the relevance of these awards, particularly at Level 2 extends beyond these industries to all businesses that have a serious waste management/recycling control function e.g. large retail groups, large manufacturers etc.

They can also deliver training in handling the waste in the most appropriate manner including the storage and handling of hazardous materials.  All of this can be done in the context of accreditation of staff members’ competence through the delivery of a Level 2 award or as a stand-alone training item.

Blendcheck also offers a bespoke waste management consultancy which includes Environmental Permitting, exemption and planning applications, site design, procedure writing and in-house training specific to a particular waste management facility.

What’s important to Blendcheck…

It is important to Blendcheck to ensure others can gain the knowledge and skills required for their personal growth.  You can trust in us to gain your qualification in the most effective and rewarding way. Our fully qualified assessors will support you all the way to your success.

 ‘Blendcheck will work with you to ensure you are doing the best for your site and the environment’.

For more information on how Blencheck could help you gain the best for your site and the environment, please contact Lisa Owen quoting ISO QSL on 0844 225 2766 or lowen@blendcheck.co.uk or visit www.blendcheck.co.uk




ISO Quality Services Ltd are proud to specialise in the implementation and certification of the Internationally recognised ISO and BS EN Management Standards.

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