ISO Quality Services May 2015 Newsletter

15 May, 2015

Welcome to May’s edition of the ISO Quality Services Newsletter, we hope you’re having a successful month!

So far this month the Conservatives won the UK elections with a majority, the whole nation rejoiced as part of the VE celebrations as well as Honda, Nissan and Toyota recalling millions of cars due to an air-bag defect.

What’s in this issue?

Congratulations to our Newly Certificated Clients

Strenuus LogoStrenuus Limited

Based in Milton Keynes, Strenuus Limited are a team of performance-led consultants providing companies with a uniquely effective range of investigative, research and analytical services.

On Thursday 16th April 2015 Strenuus Limited were presented with  their ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certificates. Strenuus are pioneers of research which identifies red flags hidden within communications that would otherwise remain undetected.

Their pro-active approach focuses on uncovering hidden threats to UK (and international) businesses that are exposed to economic, legal and physical risks.Strenuus Limited - Presentation Photo

Senior Lead Assessor Rick Allard (left) after presenting Thea Selby, Operations Manager (right) of Strenuus Limited, with their ISO 9001:2008 Quality and ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management Standard certificates.

Client LogoJaftextil Soft Furnishings and J.H. Cunliffe & Co

Formed in 1874 and 1978 respectively, these sister companies manufacture and supply the highest quality range of soft furnishing products.

Client LogoOn Monday 13th April 2015 Jaftextil Soft Furnishings and J.H. Cunliffe & Co Ltd were presented with their ISO Quality 9001 and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard certificates.

They pride themselves on their quick turn around (less than 3 weeks in most cases), as well as their quality of service, which they take great pride in delivering to their many long-standing customers.

P1010142Jaftextil Soft Furnishings Ltd and J.H. Cunliffe & Co Ltd (incorporating Rufflette) receiving their ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certificates. Left to right: Kevin Lynch, Phil Dawson, Jane Pike, our Lead Assessor Steve Sefton, and Matthew Crew.

A new face at ISOQSL

In April 2015 ISO Quality Services welcomed Lauren Kebby to the Client Relationship Team. Lauren will predominantly specialise in the booking and confirming of meetings as well as all visit queries.

This role was previously held by Natalie Allison who has since been seconded to our New Business Development Team, while Emily Cameron is on materinity leave.

I am sure everyone would like to wish Lauren and Natalie the very best of luck in their respective new roles.


Revamped Client Area launched

It is with great pleasure to announce that ISO Quality Services Ltd relaunched its Client Area this month.Supporting our clients to the very best of our ability is a very important part of our company is about.

Without our clients, we would not be where we are today.With that in mind,the new Client Area includes some very useful tools so as to help clients make the most out of their BS EN ISO Management Standards. New facilities include:

  • Information and contact details for your Client Relationship Team.
  • The Standard forms and templates relating to clients Management Standard(s).
  • A Client register so clients can source suppliers with the same high level of standards.
  • A link to our training courses so clients employees can get either some refresher training or help when starting a new role.
  • FAQ’s & tutorials which are available 24/7 and relate directly to the maintaining of the Management systems.
  • Exclusive Client Area news. Clients with good news stories are able to send them to us and we will display them here for all our clients to see.

If you are a client and you are unable to access the client area, please contact us at


7 REAL Reasons why you should think Environmental

Although the core reason behind the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System is to improve the environment in which we all live, there are numerous practical reasons as to why it should be considered.

These reasons mentioned below will ultimately affect the bottom line which will enable you to make a business case for achieving one of our most in demand standards. They are:

  1. The wasting of money. This can be in terms of stationary for example where some form of control is required.
  2. Your energy, water and waste costs are increasing. Whether its in terms of unit cost or quantity used.
  3. Legal ramifications. There are numerous pieces of legislation that business are required to adhere to. Implementing the ISO 14001 will ensure a comprehensive and holistic approach.
  4. Your customers demand it. It is often required on tenders that a company must prove that they are environmentally responsible.
  5. Your competitors have it. If the competition has it but you don’t, are you losing potential sales?
  6. Ease Stakeholders. Stakeholders such as environmental groups have in the past tarnished company reputations – prove that you are an ethical company.
  7. Create a USP. Stand out from the competition in a world where the public are more environmentally conscious.

For more information regarding the ISO 14001 Environmental System, click HERE. Alternatively contact us at 01905 670303 or

Source: TomorrowToday


Tougher strike laws for UK firms

It has been widely reported that business groups have widely backed the governments planned changes on Strike Laws.These changes will mean the following:

  • Minimum 40% back from eligible union members before a strike can take place.
  • Strike ballots will require a minimum of a 50% turnout.
  • The end of a ban on using agency staff to cover striking workers.
  • New curbs on picketing.

These changes will not come into force before the proposed network rail strike later this month which will see the train timetable significantly disrupted.

A number of high profile organisations including the institute of Directors have backed the changes stating that any decision to strike should be representative of all those eligible to vote.

It is also pointed out that this will not affect unofficial action such as social media campaigns which have proved very popular in the past and are not included within the upcoming changes.

Source: HR Magazine


Integrate your graduates the right way

Finding a graduate for your company is one thing – there’s so many of them but a significant amount don’t have an easy time adjusting to either the workplace or a new way of working.

Ensuring that the integration process is successful is important because needing to hire a new person because the first does not work out can be expensive and very time consuming.This can be negated however by paying attention to 4 key aspects.

  • Providing them with a good mentor. This is less about pairing them up with a senior member of staff or even a specialist but more about taking the time to pair them with someone based on personality and attitude.
  • Make them feel valued. Putting them initially on internal or made up projects will make them question whether they are really contributing. Be aware that de-motivation could set in.
  • Explain the bigger picture. Graduates or often new to the workplace so explaining their role, along with the role of other people and departments will help them appreciate how everything works.
  • Start with the important stuff. There is often far too much to learn and remember in a day, week or month. Therefore focus on the key information and don’t expect them to remember everything initially. Just ensure that they know where to go if they have a question.
  • Realise how far they have come. The employer and the graduate tend to focus on what they don’t know when they should recognise how far they have come.

Source: Xero


6 Ways to keep lone workers safe

With around 6.8 million lone workers in the UK it is important more than ever to ensure that their welfare is safeguarded.

This is especially the case as there are numerous cases where employers are found to be negligible when it comes to the well-being of this section of the workforce. There are however things that can be done such as:

  1. Carrying out a risk assessment.
  2. Analysing how the associated risks can be managed.
  3. Check in with all lone workers periodically.
  4. Put in place back up procedures for circumstances such as employees not checking in.
  5. Build a policy for all lone workers regarding health and safety procedures.
  6. Ensure there is adequate provision of support for the employee should the worst happen.

A comprehensive method of ensuring the welfare of your employees is the implementation of the BS OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management Standard which also demonstrates to customers that you’re a morally and ethical company.

Source: Guardian Support


 ISO Training Services Update

ISO Training Services

As an independent organisation, we understand how important training is to a company and have seen first-hand the boost to morale, profits, customer satisfaction and employee loyalty.

We are also aware that delivering high quality services, consistently, is a challenge for any organisation which is why we aim to make it easier for you.

Our courses are intensive but fully interactive sessions, which focus on the important element of training – the end application!


Dates: 28th May 2015 (9.00am start)

Cost:   £295 + VAT per delegate (Inc. materials & refreshments)

I have lots of questions; is this course right for me?

Have you recently implemented ISO 9001; are you new to the standard or are you not sure if ISO 9001 is for you? Then this is an excellent introduction for anyone involved in the development, implementation and management of ISO 9001.

This training course is designed to help your organisation demonstrate commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, as well as continuously improving your quality management systems (QMS).

Our friendly trainers will help you overcome any reservations you might have and enable you to understand the requirements of the standard, help you to improve your management processes and prepare your business for growth.

And finally it’ll provide an overview of the purpose and requirements of ISO 9001 as a tool for business improvement.

Course Content

Quality Manager training will cover the following topics, as well as allowing for question & answer sessions on the day:

  • Principles and elements of ISO 9001
  • Role of the Quality Manager
  • How to integrate ISO into the daily activities of the business
  • Effective objective setting
  • How to run a Management Review Meeting effectively
  • Guide to internal auditing
  • Focus on bench marking and its importance to quality management
  • Continuous improvement


Date: 17th June 2015 (9.00am start)

Cost: £225 + VAT per delegate (Inc. materials & refreshments)

Why attend this course?

Do you run the BS OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety Management System? Are you looking to control and monitor the risks that can arise from your company’s day to day activities?

This training course is designed to enable your business to be pro-active rather than re-active and therefore more effectively protect the health and welfare of your workforce on an on-going basis.

Our experienced trainer will be there to guide you through this challenging subject, dispelling myths and explain in very easy terms, how to approach them and answer any queries that you may have.

Course Content

  • Concepts of risk and hazard.
  • Concepts of a safe work environment.
  • Hazard identification and differentiation between hazard and risk.
  • Principles of risk control/s – workplace precautions.
  • Safety law and risk assessment legislation.
  • Risk assessment, risk analysis and risk management.
  • Risk Assessment and the relationship with BS OHSAS 18001:2007.
  • Question and answer sessions throughout.

Sounds interesting? Want to know more?

For further details of each course and others that we offer, we have a dedicated training website where all of our training information, courses and dates will be available, along with case studies, news articles and Meet the Trainer!

Please take the time to visit us!

To book your place please call 01905 670303 or email our Training Co-ordinator


Growth AcceleratorISO Training Services

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Networking events in April – May 2015

Marches Environmental Technologies Network – Environment & Energy EXPO

Date: 02.06.2015

Cost: FREE

Time: 9.00am – 2.00pm

Venue: Morgan Motor Company, Malvern WR14 2LL

Website: Marches Environmental Technologies Network

Event Description

How energy or waste efficient is your business? Could solar PV, ground source heat pumps help? What exactly is an environmental management system? Could the waste your business produces be valuable?

It is a proven fact that being energy and waste efficient in your business can add considerably to your bottom line, but are you baffled by the jargon or need to understand which technology or approach would best suit your needs?

The Worcestershire Environment and Energy Expo will provide everything you need to know, put you in touch with local experts and seek to answer any questions you might have.

Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce – Chamber Business Breakfast with Neil Rami, CEO, Marketing Birmingham

Date: 10.06.2015

Cost: £15 +VAT to members – £22.50 +VAT to non-members

Time: 07.30 am – 10.00 am

Venue: Birmingham Town Hall, Victoria Square, Birmingham, B3 3DQ

Website: Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

Event Description

Neil Rami is Chief Executive of Marketing Birmingham. Supported by some 400 local companies, local Universities, Birmingham City Council and the EU, Marketing Birmingham has responsibility for attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and growing the city’s visitor economy. In the past six years, Birmingham has created more jobs from FDI than any UK regional city.

Having held similar senior management roles in Newcastle and Liverpool, Neil has presented nationally and internationally on the themes of city marketing and inward investment.

Neil is a board member of Birmingham Science City and Birmingham Creative City. He is also a member of the University of Birmingham Court and a Governor of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Neil will be speaking about the activities, focus and progress of Marketing Birmingham, and its role in driving inward investment into the city. Neil will also highlight the opportunities that are being created for business in the region.

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