ISO Quality Services Ltd have two new recruits!

7 Dec, 2016

ISO Quality Services Ltd are pleased to announce that they have hired two new starters! Ryan Hughes and Sarah Price have joined the team.

Ryan Hughes will be joining the Marketing Department and will also be completing his Level 4 Diploma in Digital Marketing. Sarah Price will be joining the Client Services Department as a Client Services Advisor.

Ryan Hughes

Fresh from completing his Level 3 Diploma in Digital Marketing, Ryan has joined the team at ISO Quality Services Ltd in a permanent position to complete his Level 4 qualification.

“I don’t regret choosing to do an Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing in the slightest. I feel that it truly is a job role that has suited me and allows me to progress fully. ISO Quality img_4268Services is also a wonderful employer with a strong reputation that I believe will really benefit me. Their positive history with apprentices shows me that they really do know how to provide essential experience and training. I am looking forward to the future opportunities that ISOQSL has to offer.”

Ryan has gained a range of knowledge and skills from his experience working for businesses around Worcester in multiple roles including Administration, Accounts and Digital Marketing. This gave Ryan the necessary skills to perform tasks such as content writing, website maintenance as well as other office duties. Ryan has since settled in a Marketing role where he feels that he truly thrives from the in-work experience that he is gaining as well as knowledge gained from the college course.

In his spare time Ryan likes to attend local networking events such as Apprentices in Business as well as other social events. Ryan is also a keen traveller who has high hopes of being able to travel to new places and experience different cultures.

Ryan is attending 3aaa based in Worcester on a monthly basis over the next 12 months to complete his qualification. 3aaa are the training provider who previously delivered Ryan’s Level 3 Digital Marketing Diploma.

“Once I have completed my qualification, I plan to continue working for ISO Quality Services in their Marketing department, continuing my job role and making further developments.”

Sarah Priceimg_4267

Sarah has a strong employment history, working in finance for Atkins both in the UK as well as in Dubai. Alongside her experience, Sarah also holds NVQ Levels 1-3 in Management. Her specialities in the workplace consist of finance as well as customer service, making her a perfect fit for the ISO QSL Client Services department.

“I joined ISO Quality Services because of the range of opportunities that the company provides. The diversity in my role means that I will be working on numerous aspects rather than one, so I can also work on the customer service aspect as well as finance. I like to always have a challenge, so that I am always building on my experience and skills.”

In her spare time, Sarah is a keen traveller, having previously lived in Dubai whilst working there. She is also a keen swimmer and enjoys spending time walking her dog with her family.

When asked about her future with ISO QSL, Sarah commented that she looks forward to progressing through the new roles that she has been given as well as picking up roles as she goes.

“I like to keep looking forward as I work, being able to achieve new responsibilities and develop myself further.”

ISO Quality Services Ltd are proud to specialise in the implementation and certification of the Internationally recognised ISO and BS EN Management Standards.

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