ISO Quality Services Ltd November 2016 Newsletter

21 Nov, 2016

We hope you’re having a good month so far! In this edition – our recently certified clients, understanding business continuity and get to know the latest member of our team, Finance Manager Jenni!

Welcome to the November 2016 edition of the ISO Quality Services Ltd Newsletter

Our Recently Certified Clients

We are pleased to announce that the following clients have had their presentation and received their certificates from ISO Quality Services Ltd in the month of October:

First Solution Technologies Limited

On Monday 17th October 2016, First Solution Technologies Limited were presented with their ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate. First Solution Technologies Limited is an information technology company that aims to put an effective IT strategy into businesses in order to enable them to differentiate and innovate using IT within a business. If you’d like to read more about First Solution Technologies Limited then you can view their website here.

Lead Assessor Colin Watkins presents Nigel Church, Director of First Solution Technologies with their ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate

Cloud Shepherd Limited

On Thursday 20th October 2016, Cloud Shepherd Limited were presented with their ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate & ISO 27001 Information Security Management Certificate. Cloud Shepherd Limited are information security specialist. They aim to help their customers grow by focusing on their core strengths knowing they are underpinned by reliable effective and fully managed technology systems. If you’d like to know more about Cloud Shepherd Limited then you can view their website here.

Lead assessor Tony Moss presents Kristian Stott, Managing Director of Cloud Shepherd Limited with their ISO 9001 Quality Management ISO 27001 Information Security Certificates.

Business Continuity – are you prepared?

The ability to continue operations regardless of any minor or major incident is becoming increasingly important to businesses.ISO 22301 ISO Quality Services Ltd

Studies show that two out of five businesses that experience a disaster will go out of business within five years of the event.

Have you thought about the certain aspects of your business that are imperative to its day to day running? Your people, technology, stock and even your offices – could you continue operating if the unexpected was to occur?

A successful business continuity plan evaluates these elements and helps you establish a structured response to minimise any disruption to the organisation.

Disruptions could be as small as a member of staff having to leave the business, to an IT failure, to a flood or fire affecting your premises.

Any delays could negatively impact your relationships with clients, decrease trust within these partnerships, and ultimately could lead to them turning to a competitor.

It’s all about minimising the risks to these critical elements and having processes in place to ensure you are back up and running as soon as possible. But first you have to understand what these vital aspects are, and identify the risks to these activities.

  • What are your vital products and services? ­
  • What are the critical activities and resources required to deliver these products and services? ­
  • What are the risks to these critical activities? ­
  • How will you maintain these critical activities in the event of an incident (loss of access to premises, loss of equipment, loss of key staff etc.)?

Understanding these key factors and having a business continuity plan is a necessary part of establishing a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. This plan should then include an initial response, as well as longer term planning.

Your response planning should include separate plans for different scenarios, an analysis of your current resource and staff education plans.

And don’t forget your communication strategy with both internal and external staff, wider stakeholders and, if necessary, the media/social media!

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tomclaridgeJohnson Fleming Group ISO 22301 Case Study

In 2008, Johnson Fleming started to investigate implementing the ISO 22301 Business Continuity Standard, having recognised that international business management standards really helps to satisfy the procurement due diligence.

A business continuity management system is designed to prepare and better position your business to respond to uncertainty.

By implementing ISO 22301, Johnson Fleming has been able to communicate its business continuity plan across the company, ensuring all employees are aware of what they need to do and why the system is in place.

Having the standard protects the company and enables them to continue to offer service “come what may”. The process also helped them to recognise the risks and vulnerabilities of the business, and, resulting impact on their ability to service clients if something unexpected was to happen.

As part of the implementation, Johnson Fleming has designed and adopted a disaster recovery plan which includes a second emergency office. Key members of the team would be able to continue to work should anything happen to prevent them from accessing their head office in Bromsgrove. This secondary location allows for a 3-hour turnaround time from ‘disaster’ to resuming ‘normal service’ for clients.

Through these changes, Johnson Fleming has reported receiving good feedback from the Sales team when completing tenders, and have seen “more frequent, visible reporting at board level”.

Tom Claridge, Customer Services, IT & Systems Director at Johnson Fleming rated our support highly:

“Support during the set-up of the ISO 22301 standard was comprehensive and the Client Services team very supportive. Our auditor is obviously very experienced and knowledgeable, and has been really helpful through the whole process”.

He further commented that the overall process has been “very smooth” and liked that we could offer different auditors, each with a different perspective on their business and management systems.

Read more about Johnson Fleming

Meet Our Team

While it is our job to find out lots about you and your business requirements, we thought that you might like to get to know us a little bit better. Each month we will introduce you to a member of our team, giving you opportunity to learn more about each of us!

Get to know Jenni!

This month you can find out all about our new Finance Manager Jenni Wharf. 

What is your role in the office? 

As Finance Manager I oversee the entire finance function of ISO QSL. This includes making sure the department invoices our clients in a timely manner, cash management, ensuring all purchase invoices are processed efficiently, cash flow management, producing monthly / quarterly management accounts and reports for the directors, payroll, support and in house training for any Finance apprentices or juniors, VAT and corporation tax processing, and ensuring all of the company’s financial legal obligations are met.

What is your favourite thing about working at ISO Quality Services? 

I love working with such a  young and dynamic team. The company’s offices are a fun and supportive environment to work in.

What animal best represents you and why?

A busy little Bee rushing around looking after three children, doing school drop offs, getting to work, getting kiddies to football practice and swimming lessons and beaver sessions on time!

Tell us something in the office nobody knows about you

I can’t think of anything that is interesting but more importantly appropriate that I can tell you here!!

What makes you happiest?

Down time at home spent with my family, such as snuggling up on the sofa with my three boys watching a family film .

Who’s Your Personal Hero?

Connie Beauchamp when she was in Holby City – intelligent, articulate, beautiful, classy, sassy, feisty and rich! Everything I inspire to be!

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