ISO Quality Services – July 2015 Newsletter

15 Jul, 2015

Welcome to the July 2015 edition of the ISO Quality Services Newsletter, we hope you’re having a productive month!

In the time since the last edition of our newsletter, the British weather has been glorious, we hope everyone has been able to make the most of it! Additionally, we have seen another Greek bailout and the announcement of the new UK budget with very mixed reviews.

This month’s newsletter focuses on all things green and how becoming environmentally friendly can benefit your business, we hope you like it!

Congratulations to our Newly Certificated Clients

Group-PMS-369Onside Independent Advocacy

Onside is a Worcestershire based charity established in 1993 who provide a range of support and services to ensure fairness and equality for adults who may be vulnerable, disadvantaged, discriminated against.

On Friday 5th June 2015 Onside Independent Advocacy were presented with their ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard Certificate.

They make a difference to the lives of approximately 2000 individuals a year through our dedicated team of experienced staff and volunteers recruited, trained and supported to work as advocates, mentors, befrienders and appropriate adults.

More information regarding Onside Independent Advocacy can be found on their website at

ISO 9001

Senior lead assessor Colin Watkins (left) presenting Rosie Turner (right), Kate Harvey (centre right), and Cathy Jackson-Read (centre left) of Onside Advocacy with their ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate.

Client LogoTMS2 bv

TMS2 bv (Transition Metal Solutions) is based in the Netherlands and brings together Vanadium & Transition Metal Chemistry, R&D, Technical support, Regulatory and production process knowledge & competences under one organisation.

On Monday 8th June 2015, TMS2 bv were presented with their ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard Certificate.

They are focused on the supply of custom high quality Transition Metal based Specialty chemical solutions & Powders across a variety of market sectors, including Catalysts, Pigments, Gas Processing and Battery Technology.

If you would like more information about TMS2, you can visit

ISO 9001

Assessors Colin Watkins (second left) and Andrew Graham (far left) presenting directors Adrian Rowberry and Simon Stone of TMS² with their ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate.

AClient Logogile Data Solutions Limited

Situated in Lincoln, Agile Data Solutions Limited specialise in customising document management, scanning, indexing, vectorisation, storage and shredding solutions to meet the requirements of their clients.

On Wednesday 10th June 2015, Agile Data Solutions Limited were presented with their ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standard Certificates.

Providing a national service, they have accrued over 20 years of experience within the industry.

Matz Logo (off website)Matz Medical Ltd

Founded in 2013 and based in London, Matz Medical provide medical supplies to the health industry.

On Monday 15th June 2015, Matz Medical Ltd were presented with their ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate.

Matz Medical offers an extensive range of microsurgery instruments for various surgical specialties like ophthalmic surgery, Orthopaedic surgery and General surgery etc.

For further information regarding the products that Matz Medical provide, you can visit their website at

ISO 9001

Lead assessor Percy Beynon (centre) presenting Tanveer Khan (right) and Tasneem Khan (left), of Matz Medical, with their ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate.

dwp-logoDensit Wear Protection UK Limited

Founded in Worcestershire, Densit Wear Protection UK Ltd are specialists in abrasion, erosion and corrosion solutions, with over 30 years experience.

On Wednesday 17th June 2015, Densit Wear Protection UK Limited were presented with their ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate.

DWP UK offer a comprehensive product range to overcome industrial applications which ensure cost effective, tailored solutions.

Feel free to visit their website, for more information.

justsayplease-logoJustSayPlease Ltd

Celebrating their 10th birthday, JustSayPlease Ltd are a located in the West Midlands and supply comparison services to some of the UK’s largest websites.

Having already successfully achieved the ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standard, JustSayPlease Ltd were presented with their ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management Standard certificate on the 18th June.

With a number of years’ experience growing retail businesses online, they moved their focus to the comparison of products and services.

Visit the JustSayPlease website, for further information.

ISO 22301

Lead assessor Peter O’Neill (right) presenting Damian Carvill (left) from Just Say Please with their ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management Certificate.

MoveMaster_Logo_square_2015The Move Master Ltd

Based in Worcestersshire, The Move Master Ltd are the leading experts in office moves working with companies in the UK who don’t have the expertise in house.

On Monday 22nd June 2015, The Move Master Ltd were presented with their ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate.

They deliver significant value to every company and person that comes into contact with them, by sharing their expertise, ideas, knowledge and contacts to help clients achieve what they want to achieve.

More information regarding the services that The Move Master  provide can be found on their website,

PAF ISO 9001 Photo

Lead assessor Peter O’Neill (right) presenting Philip Fowler, managing director of The Move Master Ltd with their ISO 9001 Quality Management certificate.

Road Haulage new logo with new fontRoad Haulage UK Ltd

Operating from the busy and thriving area of Heathrow Airport and M3/M4 Corridor, Road Haulage UK Ltd specialise in long and short term contract work delivering and collecting throughout the UK.

On Wednesday 24th June 2015, Road Haulage UK Ltd were presented with their ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate.

Road Haulage UK Ltd work to give the best possible distribution service in the most cost-effective way.

The contact details for Road Haulage UK can be found on their website,

ISO 9001

Gary Hannon (left) and Natalie Jones (centre) of both Secure Shredding and Road Haulage receive their companies’ ISO 9001 and BS EN 15713 certificates from lead assessor Rick Allard (right)

Secure Shredding LogoSecure Shredding UK Ltd

Based in Surrey, Secure Shredding UK Ltd provide confidential document destruction to ensure that their clients fulfil their legal responsibility.

On Wednesday 24th June 2015, Secure Shredding UK Ltd were presented with their ISO 9001 Quality Management and BS EN 15713 Secure Destruction of Confidential Materials certificates.

Secure Shredding UK Ltd will review your current activities and develop a better waste management plan for your business.

More details can be found on their website,

Titan LogoTitan Partnership Ltd

An educational charity founded in 1986, Titan Partnership Ltd is a dynamic, unique partnership of education providers who work with businesses, community organisations and statutory partners to improve the life chances of young people and their families.

On Monday 30th June 2015, Titan Partnership Ltd were presented with their ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate.

Titan Partnership is a ‘facilitator’ and ‘enabling’ organisation that supports its members to collaborate; share experiences; and increase opportunities for young people.

If you would like to find out about the good work that Titan Partnership Ltd carry out, visit their website at

ISO 9001

Lead assessor Percy Benyon (left) presents John Bridgman (right) of Titan Partnership Ltd with their ISO 9001 Quality Management certificate.

The Environmental Management Standard Revision

The ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard is one of our most popular standards and has continued to grow in popularity as we all become more environmentally aware.

Due to the developments within environmental management as well as a desire to allow for better integration with the other standards, most notably the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard, the ISO 14001 is to be revised with the new revision being released late 2015.

The main changes included within the revision include:

  • An increased focus on legal and regulatory compliance.
  • Knowledge of compliance becomes a requirement upon senior management as opposed to just the Environmental Management representative.
  • Increased focus on continuous improvement which seeks to future proof the standard.
  • Improved integration with other ISO Standards.
  • Introduction of an environmental performance section

Once introduced, companies already certificated to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard will have 3 years grace to satisfy all the requirements of the new revision.

ISO Quality Services will of course be proactive and take the lead with this transition and will contact clients in due course.

Due to the 3 year grace period, there is no need to wait until the new revision is out to proceed with implementation.

A company implementing or thinking of implementing the ISO 14001 will now have plenty of time to get to grips with it and will only have to make small adjustments once they are ready to transition to the new revision.

Source:  SHP Online

ISO 14001

France introduces ban with a UK supermarket set to follow suit

In what is argued to be long overdue, not only nationally but internationally, France has taken the lead and imposed a ban on supermarkets destroying food that is still edible.

All French supermarkets must now either donate edible food to charities or allow it to be used as compost, animal feed or energy.

The decision was taken to tackle the industry norm to dispose of food that is passed its “use by date” but still remains edible.

UK Supermarket Tesco has since followed suit to a degree by expanding a scheme that gives unsold, edible food to charities.

At present most of Tesco’s left over food is used as animal feed but as of June left over food from 10 of its UK stores will donate unsold food to the charity, Fare Share.

The scheme is already in place at Tesco stores in Republic of Ireland.

Sources: Cedrec and BBC


Benefits of green – follow in our footsteps

There are often myths that surround businesses becoming environmentally aware such as it being too expensive and only possible & worthwhile for big multinational companies. Here are some examples of how we have saved money, increased profits and become environmentally responsible:

  • Going paperless. We are in the process of recording digital copies of all documents where possible, with multiple backups on and off site.
  • Integrating new systems. The implementation of an accounting software called Xero has meant that all receipts and invoices are kept electronically with digital wage slips also in the pipeline.
  • Printing double sided, reusing scrap paper where possible and recycling everything that isn’t food waste with the use of an external company. These are examples that all businesses can implement.
  • Removing unnecessary lighting. Our office has got a significant amount of strip lighting so removing bulbs where it is possible reduces electricity usage.
  • Introduction of office plants. These turn carbon dioxide into oxygen which makes it easier to breath in the office. You can also name plants like we have!
  • Use local suppliers. By doing so, our office supplies do not have to travel far and so reduces our carbon footprint.
  • Donate old IT equipment to charity. It’s always good to reuse equipment instead of binning it.
  • Organise resources. Our assessors are spread out all over the UK and Ireland, employing assessors all over the country and allocating clients based on geographical location where possible also helps us to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Taking part in a tree planting scheme. In the year to 2015 we reduced office stationary consumption by a massive 37% in comparison to the year before and part of the money saved was invested in a scheme by a local school where trees are planted to reduce our carbon footprint.
Green footprint

Don’t just take our word for it…

As a company we firmly believe in the benefits that the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard can bring but it is always better to hear from a client who is actually maintaining the standard.

Bristow & Sutor are a debt recovery agency situated in Worcestershire that has over 40 years of experience.

That does not stop them wanting to build upon their success and this was evident when they took the decision to implement the ISO 14001.

While discussing the benefits that the ISO 14001 has brought to their company, they commented that,

“In the first 12 months following certification to the ISO 14001 environmental management standard, we have halved our water consumption. We conducted a concentrated focus on this area through our ISO 14001, identifying where the prime areas of consumption took place and by taking practical actions and educating our staff. We supported this through the ISO process of establishing a base usage, recording on-going usage and monitoring and reviewing performance on a month by month and year by year basis”.

For more information regarding Bristow & Sutor and their services, please contact:

Phone: 01527 504000



Bristow and Suitor

Protect your office in height of summer

ISO Quality Services Ltd have developed relationships with a number of organisations (Referral Associates) to assist our clients in maintaining their chosen ISO Management Standards.

Solar Sentry is owned and primarily operated by Worcester based, Tom Ludwig.

An ongoing problem in many offices during summer is the increase in temperature which creates an uncomfortable working environment, this in turn leads to struggling air conditioning units and large energy bills.

Applying a Solar Sentry film to your existing glazing can cut solar heat gain by up to 81%, thereby reducing your air conditioning load.

By reflecting the sun’s heat – and keeping the temperature manageable – Solar Sentry can help you save up to 30% on your energy costs.

If you feel Solar Sentry can help improve your office, Tom is contactable on:

Office: 01905 670 515
Mobile: 07751 737 599


ISO Quality Services Introduces NEW Standard

Due to increasing demand and the drive culturally to businesses that are more environmentally aware, ISO Quality Services are proud to be able to start offering the ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard.

As a standard that compliments the ISO 14001, the Energy Management Standard promotes efficient use of energy so as to keep both the environmental impact and costs under control.

Did you know? A company that spends £25,000 a year on energy could save (5%) £1,250 a year. If the company works with a profit margin of 5% the energy saving is the same as winning a new order worth £25,000 every year.

For more information regarding the ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard, click HERE or alternatively, contact our Operations Director, Jennifer Appleton on or 01905 670303.


ISO 50001 Energy Management System – What’s It All About?

ISO 50001 is all about energy – and it can cover energy used in buildings, processes and transport. In the UK the adoption of ISO 50001 for large companies (typically employing more than 250 people) is being driven by government regulation.

That is not say it is becoming a regulatory requirement as such, but under the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) Regulations, introduced in July 2014, ISO 50001 provides one of the four compliance routes.

To comply by this route large organisations must have a valid ISO 50001 certificate covering 100% of their energy use in place by 5 December.

So it’s great for the big boys, but what’s in it for me?

That is a good question! In a nutshell an ISO 50001 Energy Management System (EnMS) is about reducing energy use and by doing that saving costs while increasing profits.

For the full article, please click the HERE


 ISO Training Services Update

ISO Training Services

As an independent organisation, we understand how important training is to a company and have seen first-hand the boost to morale, profits, customer satisfaction and employee loyalty.

We are also aware that delivering high quality services, consistently, is a challenge for any organisation which is why we aim to make it easier for you.

Our courses are intensive but fully interactive sessions, which focus on the important element of training – the end application!


Dates: 9th September 2015 (9.00am start)

Cost:   £295 + VAT per delegate (Inc. materials & refreshments)

I have lots of questions; is this course right for me?

Have you recently implemented ISO 9001; are you new to the standard or are you not sure if ISO 9001 is for you? Then this is an excellent introduction for anyone involved in the development, implementation and management of ISO 9001.

This training course is designed to help your organisation demonstrate commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, as well as continuously improving your quality management systems (QMS).

Our friendly trainers will help you overcome any reservations you might have and enable you to understand the requirements of the standard, help you to improve your management processes and prepare your business for growth.

And finally it’ll provide an overview of the purpose and requirements of ISO 9001 as a tool for business improvement.

Course Content

Quality Manager training will cover the following topics, as well as allowing for question & answer sessions on the day:

      • Principles and elements of ISO 9001
      • Role of the Quality Manager
      • How to integrate ISO into the daily activities of the business
      • Effective objective setting
      • How to run a Management Review Meeting effectively
      • Guide to internal auditing
      • Focus on bench marking and its importance to quality management
      • Continuous improvement


Dates: 29th/30th September 2015 (2 day course)
Cost: £450 + VAT per delegate

Why attend this course?

No information security management system can achieve its potential unless the underlying principles are understood, supported by management and become part of a company’s normal operating procedure.

This course will address the main principles and elements involved when adopting the ISO 27001 standard and provide a foundation for companies who are interested in using the standard as the mainstay for their information security approach.

You will gain an understanding of:
• categorising and mitigating risk
• scoping and maintaining an Information Security Management System
• asset management
• setting up security governance and associated roles involved

Course Content

• Principles and elements of ISO 27001
• Role of the information security management representative
• How to establish information security governance within your organisation
• Asset management – how to complete an inventory
• Completion of risk assessments
• Statement of applicability
• Document requirements
There will also be a chance for a questions and answers at the end of each session with a recap at the end of the day.

Sounds interesting? Want to know more?

For further details of each course and others that we offer, we have a dedicated training website where all of our training information, courses and dates will be available, along with case studies, news articles and Meet the Trainer!

Please take the time to visit us!

To book your place please call 01905 670303 or email our Training Co-ordinator


Growth AcceleratorISO Training Services

Be part of our LinkedIn community

If you haven’t joined already – what are you waiting for?

ISO news, training updates and offers, meet the ISO QSL team and connect with other like-minded individuals.

Visit us at: ISO QSL LinkedIn Company page

Networking events in June – July 2015

Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce – Worcester Networking Breakfast

Date: 23.07.2015

Cost: £17.50 Members (excludes VAT) / £35.00 Non members (excludes VAT)

Time: 07.30am

Venue: Worcestershire County Cricket Club, Worcester WR2 4QQ

Website: Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce

Event Description

This business breakfast is held monthly and draws in a wide range of businesses from Worcestershire and beyond. With lots of opportunities for networking and a thought-provoking business speaker, it’s the best breakfast most of us will have in a month. The early start will fit in nicely with your working day!

downloadKidwells Networking Event

Date: 30.07.2015

Cost: FREE

Time: 7.30am – 9.30am

Venue: Kidwells House, 4 Coldnose Road, Rotherwas Industrial Estate, Hereford, HR2 6JL

Website: Kidwells Group

Event Description

No Frills, No Fuss, No 60 second intro – just a good straight forward FREE networking event with coffee and croissants.

There will be the opportunity at each meeting for one business to give a 10 minute overview of their business and to bring brochures and marketing material. The business chosen for the following meeting will be drawn from the business cards provided at the event.

ISO Quality Services Ltd – Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Networking Event

Date: 07.08.2015

Cost: £20

Time: 02.00 pm – 05.00 pm

Venue: Browns at the Quay, The Old Corn Mill, 24 Quay Street, Worcester WR1 2JJ

Website: ISO Quality Services Ltd

Event Description

Due to the overwhelming success of our 15 in 2015 celebration event last month, ISO Quality Services are organising their next networking event!

We would be delighted for you to join us, we are limiting the number of delegates per company to two as well as two companies per industry. This way we hope to ensure some great networking!

If you do have any questions, please feel free to send them to

Greater BirminghamGreater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce – Chamber Expo

Date: 14.08.2015

Cost: FREE to attend

Time: 10.00am – 03.00pm

Venue: The National Motorcycle Museum, Coventry Road, Bickenhill, Solihull, B92 0EJ

Website: Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

Event Description

Following on from the last Expo, where more than 500 delegates attended and exhibition space sold out a month in advance, we are pleased to invite you to the next event in August!

Open to members and non-members, the Chamber Expo is the largest networking event of the year and will bring together delegates from our Chambers of Commerce in Birmingham, Burton, Chase, Solihull, Tamworth & Lichfield and the Institute of Asian Businesses.

We are also running a programme of seminars throughout the day, of which more information can be found below.

To give your business maximum profile at the event, why not consider booking exhibition space or having a leaflet insert/ promotional item in the delegate bag?

Are you a client of ours? Would you recommend our services to your clients / suppliers…why not refer a friend?

Win a case of wine worth £1,000Receive a free case of wine or a £50 Marks & Spencer’s Voucher…..the choice is yours!

(To qualify for this you must refer a successful lead).

To offer your referrals please contact – or call 01905 670 303

ISO Quality Services Ltd are proud to specialise in the implementation and certification of the Internationally recognised ISO and BS EN Management Standards.

Do you want to get ahead of your competition? Win more tenders or save time and money on reoccurring issues? Contact us today on 0330 058 5551 or email

Alternatively, you can request a quote by filling out our enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

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