Investors in People

Business success depends upon the quality of people that help it function on a daily basis. This is one of the fundamental mainstays that the Investors in People Standard is built upon.

The Investors in People Accreditation focuses on improving business performance through improving the management leadership of people within the organisation.

With over 15,000 organisations across 85 countries either holding or working towards the accreditation, this just illustrates how popular and important it has become.

The Benefits of Investors in People

Considerable value is found in achieving the Investors in People Accreditation, most notably:

  • A greater understanding of your organisation’s strengths and development challenges in terms of the managing of its employees.
  • The ability to benchmark against other organisations.
  • It can be achieved by organisations of any type or size.
  • Brings clarification and focus upon the activities that are important within an organisation.
  • Improves morale and employee satisfaction leading to a more committed workforce.
  • When carried out successfully, it can be a marketable achievement.

What is included?

The maintaining of the Investors in People Accreditation is a continuous improvement process which includes these three pillars:

  • Leading – Senior Management must all be on board with the implementation process and must also lead by example.
  • Supporting – The degree to which the company practices will change will vary from company to company but successful implementation is dependent on all staff being supported throughout the transition period.
  • Improving – Once accredited this is not the end; a business must maintain a focus on adapting and continual improvement so as to get the most out of the accreditation.

Complimenting the ISO Standards…

Although fundamentally different, the Investors in People Accreditation is extremely complimentary to the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard that we also help clients implement and certificate.

Furthermore, clients that have achieved the Investors in People Accreditation find that they have already completed a significant amount of the work towards the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard

The Process

The process of becoming an Investors in People accredited organisation is as follows:


Investors in People have three levels of accreditation that an organisation can achieve, those being Bronze, Silver and Gold.

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