How Does Charlie Continue to Deliver?

31 Mar, 2022

Have you ever fallen into the trap of over promising and under delivering? I know I have.  It’s not that I haven’t wanted to keep my promise.  I’ve just completely underestimated the time the task will take or what’s really involved.  I struggle to prioritise and I’m a terrible procrastinator, usually out of fear of failure.  Ironically, it’s the procrastination that causes me to ‘fail’ and before I know it, I’m back on the merry-go-round with a different task.  When it came to helping me conquer this challenge, there was clearly only one person for the job.  The queen of delivery.

If you were to look up ‘deliver’ in the dictionary, you would probably read “to provide something promised or expected” but what it should read is simply “Charlie Allen”.  If she tells you she’ll do something, you know she will, and she’ll probably get it to you earlier than expected.  So how exactly does she manage this?

Firstly, Charlie Loves a Challenge

Charlie is never scared to give something ago.  In fact, the more challenging it is, the better. 

Implementing the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard is a great example.  The project pushes her outside her comfort zone because she doesn’t like documentation.  Yet, she knuckles down and gets on with it anyway.  Why?

Because Failure is Not an Option

Being naturally motivated by achieving results, Charlie is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done and will let very few things stand in her way.  If needed, she’ll bend the rules and challenge their efficiency. 

When it comes to making decisions, she doesn’t hold back.  She makes them quickly, has confidence in her choices and will keep the tasks moving until completion (even if she hates it!). 

She knows things don’t need to be perfect, after all, there’s no such thing.  Someone somewhere will always find a flaw.  So, she stands by the Pareto Principle also known as the 80:20 rule whereby 80% of our results come from 20% of our effort.  This means that when you’ve put 20% of the time in to working on your task, you’re already 80% done.  So why waste time trying to make the other 20% ‘perfect’?

She Likes to be Busy

Charlie doesn’t sit still.  She’s naturally driven and is constantly looking for the next challenge.  If she’s forced to slow down for too long, she’ll start to get restless. 

She doesn’t like routine, so her varied role suits her down to the ground.  There’s always an element of the management system that needs sorting or an employee to support.  When you’re wearing that many hats, how exactly does she manage stay on top of it all?

She’s Super Organised

Charlie has lists for everything and keeps it all in one place, Outlook. 

She uses the Outlook Tasks function to track her upcoming ‘to-do’s’ and if it’s going to take more than half hour, she’ll block focus time in her diary too.  This is a great way to ensure you dedicate the time to complete tasks and by over allocating your time, you won’t let problems stop you from getting the job done.   

This little bit of wisdom has been a game changer for me in the past few weeks and instantly made me feel less overwhelmed when I opened Outlook.  Before, my diary was cluttered with daily task reminders which brought that heavy feeling to my chest (hello anxiety) and my Action Inbox was overflowing that I’d waste time searching for the that email from someone, I just can’t remember who.  Today, it all sits in my tasks function and if needed, with the relevant email as an attachment, making it quick and easy to find. 

Because of her organisational and efficiency skills, I can see why Charlie never goes home stressed and always gets the job done. 

What Does the Team Think?

It’s not just me who thinks Charlie is the Queen of Delivery, here’s what the team had to say:

Debbie Farr, HR Director: “Charlie is a trusted pair of hands, who when given a task is committed to seeing it through.  If she says she will do something, you can be confident that this will be the case.  Recently she has worked on creating a tidier office for us all, working weekends to make this happen and we couldn’t be more appreciative.  She rarely gets distracted by the ‘nice to do’s’ and keeps us on track with our key priorities.  We all need a Charlie in our workforce! Thank you”

Jenni Wharf, Finance Manager: “We had a difficult quarter in finance last year, with one of our team members leaving, and the other being off on longer term sick – leaving me and my measly 18 hours to cover all things finance.  Charlie spent a few hours with me going over some basics, and then stepped into the Purchase Ledger shoes, checking all PO’s, posting purchase invoices, and fielding the finance inbox.  In Charlie’s usual style, she just cracked on and got the job done, no fuss”

Lauren Kebby, Client Care Team Leader: “There isn’t one specific story I can think of, it’s just Charlotte overall encompasses this value.  Everything she does is to a high level and is delivered to the best of her ability.  She supports the team in ensuring they also deliver work on time and to a high level, offering support, coaching and belief to team members that they can do what they have been set to do.  She will openly ask the team if this is their best work, as she knows the capabilities within the team and that we can all deliver work to high standards.  Her overall goal is to improve the way the business does things so its efficient and gives the customer what they want in the best possible way”.

Bird Hancock: “Charlie delivers in everything she does. When given a task, she will deliver before schedule and to a level higher than expected. She is always looking at better ways of working and her ability to generate ideas is second to none. She is incredibly creative, organised, and pro-active, making her the epitome of the deliver value”.

Amy Taylor, Client Care Advisor: “Charlie is very efficient, when she commits to a task, she will do this in a timely manner and to the best of her ability. She has successfully delivered high quality work to the CS team, management team and to the clients by ensuring their expectations are met”.

Perry Simpson, Client Care Advisor: “Charlie always goes above and beyond with everything she does. She has her hands in so many different parts of the business but always gives her all in what she produces or the support she can give”

Kerrie Radburn, Business Development Advisor: “Charlie consistently looks for new ways of working and will always think of great ideas. She delivers high quality work and is always ahead of deadline”.

So where am I now?

Well, I’m not perfect but we’ve already established that there’s no such thing.  I still have periods of procrastination (I even did it on this article!) but I’m more mindful of my habits now and Charlie has given me the tools needed to get myself back on track.  

Our promise to you…

As a business, we promise to deliver by ensuring our service can’t be beaten. We’ll only employ people who share these core values and will want to help you succeed. We’ll get to know your business so you don’t have to go back to square one on every visit. We’ll ensure you get what you pay for, for example, by proactively managing your ISO certification schedule to ensure you never overlook an audit. We’ll deliver value-add by partnering with organisations which can offer you relevant services.

Deliver is just one of our seven values, want to know the other six? Find them here:


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