Have you been handed the baton for ISO?

22 Jul, 2019

There are just two things you need for ISO success: the correct approach and the right support from a trusted advisor. Find out how we helped an ISO first-timer at Bristol IT Company…

The importance of the right support

We ensure that ISO works for your business by adopting a flexible approach, customising the support we offer to meet your unique needs. When Jeannette Cole, an ISO first-timer at Bristol IT Company, took on responsibility for the firm’s ISO 27001 management system, we were only too pleased to help by using our next visit to provide 1:2:1 training for Jeannette. This gave her the opportunity to review the system with an expert and explore how she could work collaboratively with us to maintain certification.

The correct approach

Our lead auditor, Colin Watkins, has helped hundreds of companies build effective management systems. He says there are three key pre-requisites to success: logical thinking, good organisational skills and a consistent approach. Jeannette demonstrated all three and her work on Bristol IT Company’s management system has helped the firm maintain certification and win new contracts.

Next steps

Are you being handed the baton for ISO? Read Jeannette’s story and our myth-busting article on ISO audit fear.

Are you looking for a collaborative provider? Find out how our values support our customers and see our latest customer satisfaction scores.

Do you potential customers ask about your information security? ISO 27001 provides instant reassurance. Find out more about ISO 27001.

ISO Quality Services Ltd are proud to specialise in the implementation and certification of the Internationally recognised ISO and BS EN Management Standards.

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