Great News for those who are Cyber Secure as Standard

20 Dec, 2013

27001 imageThere’s no denying that technology has advanced incredibly over the last decade and cyber security has evolved, however it seems hackers have also adapted to change and found more ways to infiltrate businesses big and small.

More worryingly, a recent report showed that 31% of employees would divulge their company password in exchange for a bar of chocolate, this leaves many of us banging our head against a brick wall as we take ten leaps forward and too many back.

The government has kept a close eye on cyber security over the past few years, seeking out solutions to protect businesses from fraud and theft. Loss of information and sensitive data costs businesses millions which then of course impacts on the economy as a whole.

Now there’s a lot of speculation surrounding cyber security measures as standard, the government are formulating a standard of security that businesses should meet. Although the finalities are yet to be decided it’s clear that this provides an opportunity for us, for you and for the economy as a whole.

Initial suggestions are based around the ISO 27001 as a benchmark, using this as a template to help businesses become protected. We already provide security using this system and so are proud that our clients are about to add another string to their bow.

Advertising Potential

If a business meets the governments standards it has permission to shout about it. You can show your dedication to the security of your information and that of your customers, by highlighting your success at meeting cyber criteria. This boost will in turn increase confidence across the economy as when the divide happens, shoppers and clients will seek out the companies that meet government expectations as standard.

Get with the Government Program

There are also opportunities for clients like ours, who adhere to the standards, to share information with the government, to be seen as an aid to the campaign and to receive publicity for their help.

Talking to the Financial Times, a senior government official said, “The new standards will be tight enough to thwart around four-fifths of cyber-attacks…both large and small businesses should be able to meet the requirements with guidance.”

Where Have all the Hackers Gone?

In a unique twist the government are identifying the hackers of the next generation in a bid to get them on board to help tighten cyber security rather than exploit the loopholes. It seems that although more people have chosen to work in IT over the past decade there’s a serious shortfall of experts in the cyber security industry. Now, with a standard set to be rolled out in 2014 and millions of businesses needing support to meet the criteria, cyber security experts are in high demand.

Cabinet Officer Francis Maude told the Guardian, “We need to sustain and grow the capabilities of UK cybersecurity, and it is now vital we ensure that we have young talent coming through our education system and the workplace. While the online world has grown exponentially over the last few years, our education system hasn’t kept pace.”

Making Certification Work for You

ISO 27001 certification is easily achieved by any business of any size with our help. Security is a fast moving industry and that’s why we keep you updated, contacting you directly when upgrades need to be made. Along with the publicity incentives, the certification has a positive impact on your business, your customers and your staff.

You gain respect from all sectors, you incite trust and you protect your greatest assets, your business, your customers and your staff!

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