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Photo of Hancock Hutton Langues Services
Hancock Hutton Langues Services

They offer quality language services by specialist translators that are tailored to suit all.

Hogarth Worldwide Limited

Hogarth is a creative production company with core capabilities covering a comprehensive range of production and language services. We are experienced in providing production adaptation across all media and all languages, from the very basic (including size adaptations) to more complex creative expansion/content as well as everything in between. We believe that it is crucial for language and production services to be managed as part of the same process and for Hogarth to be always involved as part of the core client/agency team.

Hogarth’s founding and core competencies lie in the arts of language services and translation. Language services goes far beyond transferring words from one language to another. Looking at advertising content from strategic and creative perspectives, we leverage both linguistic and cultural expertise to deliver the message and brand voice to the target audience in each local market. We safeguard the brand and the campaign, balancing global consistency with local resonance.