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Borwell Limited

About borwell

Hi, this is a bit about borwell, the story so far, and a hint at what’s next!

Setting up borwell was one of life’s opportunities that, at the time, I had no idea where it was going to take us.  In 2003 it was just me with a 6 month contract for software engineering for the MoD.  Very soon businesses in Worcestershire were asking me to help them with databases, software and general IT advice.  Soon there were three of us, then Andrea joined us two days per week, four, then Tim, five of us. Wow.  The UK went into recession in 2007/2008 and bizarrely we grew from 5 to 12 by 2012.  We worked on some cool technology projects for the MoD supporting the London 2012 Olympic games.  We won an MoD Chief Scientist Award for this work as well as the work we did in Dubai supporting Counter Maritime Piracy Operations in the Indian Ocean.

Cyber Security

Then came Cyber.  At first we just up-skilled our software team to be even more sharp.  Then Customers asked us for penetration testing services and IT Health Checks.  So I created Cybx, our brand for our cyber security services.

So now we’re a team of around 30 and always recruiting more smart people.  If you are one, or know someone who is, then please ask them to call us, we’d love to hear from you/them.

What’s next

What next?  Well it’s no surprise that I’m already looking to next year.  Space is a sector I’ve been researching for the previous two years.  I’ve recruited someone to run our Satellite Applications Team. They will be based in Harwell, Oxfordshire, where most of the UK Space businesses are based and thriving.  The objective is to grow this to a team quickly, and be providing downstream applications that exploit space collected data.  We’ve actually been working in this sector since the beginning (not of time, of our business!), so it’s just making it a vertical market to focus on really, and joining the right membership organisations to promote our services.

I would like to thank my wife and team for their support, their ideas, passion, determination, skills, and for supporting me and challenging me often.  We’re a really happy, smart team, and this is reflected by our wonderful Customers who respect our employees and value the work they deliver.  Thank you Customers too!


Steve Borwell-Fox, MD of borwell

BSH Remediation Limited

Our directors, with over 40 years of experience in the industry, have built a reputation within the remediation contracting industry, based on technical excellence, time and cost efficiency, and exemplary Health & Safety Standards.


Their experience spans large global consultancy businesses, design and build remediation companies, independent contracting businesses, and in-house client side remediation/environmental technical director roles.