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ISO 9001 takes Translyft higher

Translyft Lifting Solutions

Translyft integrate solutions in their customers’ production by matching man and machine. Its lifting solutions reduce the risk of lifting injuries, repetitive strains, trips and falls whilst also saving time.


The problems Translyft solves for its customers

There’s nothing the UK MD George Scholes and his team of engineers like better than to be asked to eliminate high risk physical actions within a manufacturing environment, such as operatives carrying products up a small flight of stairs from one part of a line to another. Plugging this gap between ‘man and machine’ is what makes George and his team tick and, although Translyft products may at first glance go unnoticed, the team have the satisfaction of knowing that their products, specified in the UK and built in Denmark, are in use around the world. It’s not just production lines that feel the benefit, Translyft have come up with innovative lifting solutions in the UK for household names including Superdrug and the Barbican.

How ISO 9001 helps Translyft achieve its goals

The focus on understanding customer needs and then creating a customised solution means that 9 out of 10 lifts are now bespoke built. This focus on meeting customer requirements fits so perfectly with the ethos of ISO 9001 that the Quality Management Standard was a natural next step when the UK company, responsible for specifying and installing, wanted to become more process driven and efficient. Rebecca Bishop, Operations Manager, comments, “ISO 9001 was the perfect choice for us, providing the processes, procedures and structure needed as a framework for sustainable business growth. We also knew it would help us streamline our business documentation. That was back in 2016, and since then we have gone from strength to strength, gaining our place as a leader in lifting solutions.”

Helping new starters adopt a quality mindset

The firm was subject to an acquisition in 2018 and is now part of a larger company of 70 employees with a turnover of over 10 million Euros. However, the UK team, based in Shipston-on-Stour, still has its family feel and the management team has been careful to ensure that it continues to embed ISO 9001 into the business through on-boarding for new staff and a well-embedded appraisal process. So much so that Auditor, Graeme Silk, comments, “Translyft has a good command of ISO 9001 meaning that its potential is undiluted. The procedure for recruitment and induction of new starters, for example, is truly excellent. They have one of the best on-boarding documents I have seen in my entire life. Created by Samantha Beauchamp, Office Manager, it is detailed, relevant and links through to other documents. In fact, the entire ISO system, led by Rebecca Bishop, who wears two hats as Operations and Quality, is in great shape. She is really good at quality and document control and both adopts and adapts the standard to maximise the business benefits. Further staff involvement is encouraged by inviting field engineers in turn to attend the monthly Management meetings. Quality is not just an abstract concept at Translyft but a dynamic living ethos.”

Translyft’s top tips for on-boarding in smaller businesses

  • Create a personalised induction for each new starter
  • Have a high level of communication
  • Use cloud-based document filing

Three things to do next