Primayer Testimonial

During the last 18months Primayer Limited has gone through a restructuring program. One of the areas to be affected was quality assurance with the loss of our QA manager. Naturally one of his main responsibilities was managing our ISO standards, this left the company without someone at the helm to steer us though the daunting task of our impending audit.

This is where ISO Quality Services Ltd were able to stepped in and lead us to the completion of our audit. With ISO Quality Services Ltd, Primayer has been able to put its quality program back on track by refocusing our efforts around the various standards.

We were able to delegate responsibilities back to our departmental managers and establish a quality management team. ISO Quality Services Ltd was also able to train two of our staff to become internal auditors, so enabling us to audit our own systems. With ISO Quality Services Ltd help we passed our last ISO 9001:2008 audit successfully and with confidence.

Best Regards
Colin Hathaway
Operations Director
Primayer Limited