Saracen Datastore Ltd – ISO Quality Services Ltd Case Study

Many ISO systems can take anything from 18 months to 3 years to mature, here are the experiences of a client who achieved certification in 2012.

Saracen Datastore Limited who are situated in Surrey, is a company with over 20 years’ worth of experience in specialising in Records Management and Off-Site Storage.

Furthermore, as a company they hold a strong customer focus with the highest regard and their proven track record over the past quarter of a century pays testament to that.

That being said, Saracen Datastore is not a company that will rest on its laurels and this was illustrated in 2012 when they decided to implement both the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard and the ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standard.

The implementation of which was something that had been under consideration for a period of time but was never acted upon due to concerns about the length of the process and what was involved. This was until ISO Quality Services Ltd were recommended to Operations Director, Jez Tibbetts.

Upon certification, Jez commented that,

“From the very first contact I knew we had found a company that would take care of us” and also added that the process from start to finish was “Pain Free” and “Rewarding”.

Since 2012 Saracen Datastore has come on leaps and bounds, the implementation of the standards has meant that as a company they have been able to provide their services to a great number of clients as well as providing their services to the size of companies that they previously were not able to.

A reason for which is that on most tenders it is almost a requirement that businesses are able to prove that they have the necessary process and procedures in place so as to safe guard the data being held. In attaining the ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standard this was accomplished in one fell swoop.

From a customers point of view, the awarding of the standards has meant that Saracen Datastore are now able to prove to all prospective clients that they can be trusted to provide the service that they promise to clients, as well as being trusted with the data they are holding.

A final strength that has come from the introduction of the standards is that they are now able to tighten up processes and procedures due to them receiving an annual audit and a bi-annual support and review meeting.

Jez explained that

“In combination with ISO 9001 we have audited many of our related processes and procedures within the business and tightened up grey areas and closing off any holes that may have existed before”.

The overall aim of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System is to exercise control through conformity of process to achieve customer satisfaction: beneficial both to businesses who have experienced high levels of growth and those who want to take their business to the next level.

The ISO 27001 Information Security Management System on the other hand has the overall aim of ensuring best practice in maintaining the security of personal, sensitive and valuable information. Therefore, for company’s such as Saracen Datastore, the ISO 27001 is invaluable. That being said, any company that holds information on its clients and suppliers will reap the benefits of implementing this standard.

Additionally, since implementing the ISO 9001 and 27001, Saracen Datastore has achieved ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification.

Saracen Presentation Photo

Saracen - Client Logo

Lead Assessor Graham Binns (right) presenting Jez Tibbetts (Operations Director) from Saracen t/a Saracen Datastore Ltd with their ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 27001 Information Security certification.

For more information regarding Saracen Datastore and the services they provide, please contact them on 0808 159 6767, email or visit their website.