Newport Paper Testimonial

15th March 2012

Dear Jane,
I am not sure if you send a feedback form following a review as opposed to a re-certification audit, but I wanted to let you know our observations from yesterday’s review with Graham.

We found Graham a pleasure to deal with! Whilst his review was thorough and probing, we felt all the time that he was working with us. He took trouble to understand our business, the way we are organised and the systems that we use.

Importantly for us, Graham gave constructive advice to help us incorporate the standards of ISO in the way we work without them being overly burdensome. He actively looked for ways in which he could be satisfied that we were capturing data to enable us to learn and improve the quality of our business without demanding extra work from us just to satisfy our annual audit.

On behalf of Colin and Steve, I would like to thank Graham for his time yesterday.

Kind regards,
Janet Twigg
Office Manager
Newport Paper