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BS EN 15713 Secure Destruction of Confidential Information

Matthews Confidential Shredding was established in 1997, and for the past 18 years the family-run company has specialised in secure, confidential shredding towards the destruction of any confidential information.

Their client base is made up of businesses looking to destroy sensitive information securely such as office documents and financial information, and also individuals with a need for confidential destruction.

Matthews Confidential Shredding have worked with us for 4 years and the company have continued to go from strength to strength as “only positive changes have occurred”, something that, Nick Hardwidge, the company’s Sales & Marketing Manager was keen to point out.

The company run a comprehensive management system and has just received re-certification with outstanding comments from our auditor, Percy!

Why the BS EN 15713?

In their industry BS EN 15713 is viewed as the essential standard to hold. For Matthews the standard provides a “framework”, necessary for their industry, and a set of operating guidelines that ensure that best practice is always adhered to.

“[The standard] provides evidence to existing and potential clients that Matthews takes the handling and destruction of their confidential waste as seriously and as diligently as the client does.”

When asked about the changes the standard had made to the business over our 4-year partnership, Nick commented that “without the standard in place, we simply would not have the client base we are currently building upon”.

Matthews have continued to see a constructive influence on growing the business and welcoming new clients as Nick stated that potential clients are “impressed and reassured by the Standard” and recognise Matthews’ great achievement in securing it.

What benefits have you seen over the last 4 years?

Internally, the standard has provided Matthews with better security protocols such as CCTV checks, improvements to secured areas and increased the communication channels between operatives and the office.

Nick added that overall the standard has added a “gloss of professionalism” to the whole company when meeting and presenting to new clients.

“The changes, mentioned above, have combined to produce a professional company in structure, process and delivery – our clients have benefited enormously as a result”

When asked if they had any recommendations for companies looking to implement this standard, Nick’s advice was to be truthful when sharing with our auditors and to not be afraid of changing procedures for the better!

Why ISO Quality Services Ltd?

We are glad to comment that Matthews would recommend us and valued our relationship as much as we do, epitomised in this below comment from Nick:

“ISO Quality Services offer a fast, professional and supportive relationship. Crucially there is a strong focus on a common sense approach, which results in the removal of unnecessary paperwork and therefore more time to focus on our day-to-day.”

As a company, exceeding client expectations and working to maintain a sustainable and encouraging relationship is our primary concern.


Matthews Confidential Shredding

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