Johnson Fleming Group ISO 22301 Case Study

Johnson Fleming is a leading workplace pensions and employee benefits specialist, providing outsourced support to UK businesses. From employee education programmes to auto-enrolment, their customers receive consultancy, administration and technology to help create engaging employee benefit packages.

In 2008, Johnson Fleming started to investigate implementing the ISO 22301 Business Continuity Standard, having recognised that international business management standards really helps to satisfy the procurement due diligence.

Additionally, when setting up a new business partnership, a requirement was for them to implement a recognised management standard in order to work with their new partners.

A business continuity management system is designed to prepare and better position your business to respond to uncertainty.

Implementing ISO 22301

By implementing ISO 22301, Johnson Fleming has been able to communicate its business continuity plan across the company, ensuring all employees are aware of what they need to do and why the system is in place.

Having the standard protects the company and enables them to continue to offer service “come what may”. The process also helped them to recognise the risks and vulnerabilities of the business, and, resulting impact on their ability to service clients if something unexpected was to happen.

As part of the implementation, Johnson Fleming has designed and adopted a disaster recovery plan which includes a second emergency office. Key members of the team would be able to continue to work should anything happen to prevent them from accessing their head office in Bromsgrove. This secondary location allows for a 3-hour turnaround time from ‘disaster’ to resuming ‘normal service’ for clients.

Through these changes, Johnson Fleming has reported receiving good feedback from the Sales team when completing tenders, and have seen “more frequent, visible reporting at board level”.

When asked about the overall certification process, the team commented that the auditing process was useful as “third party checks are far more prescribed, making the system more robust and creating a standard structure for all departments to work to”.

The team also had very positive feedback about our bi-annual audits, stating that; “Performing an external audit every six months helps to maintain the company’s focus on the ISO 22301 standard and processes, and also provides opportunities to learn about changes in the standard”.

Johnson Fleming chose our services as they believed in working alongside local businesses and because of how quickly we were able to offer a route to certification.

Tom Claridge, Customer Services, IT & Systems Director at Johnson Fleming rated our support highly:tomclaridge

“Support during the set-up of the ISO 22301 standard was comprehensive and the Client Services team very supportive. Our auditor is obviously very experienced and knowledgeable, and has been really helpful through the whole process”.

He further commented that the overall process has been “very smooth” and liked that we could offer different auditors, each with a different perspective on their business and management systems.

When asked if he had any advice for other businesses considering implementing an ISO Standard, Tom advised that it is “critical to get board level buy-in and wider teams involved. Documentation and process needs to become habit to the business; not a special project and needs to be worked on as a team”.


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