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Consultancy client BBR Optometry renew UKAS accredited certification

Providing consultancy to support companies requiring UKAS accreditation

BBR Optometry approached us in early 2015 after having ISO 9001 for many years. They wanted to re-engage with the Quality Management System, in order to streamline their existing processes and make it more representative of how the business operates today.

They became aware of our consultancy services, after seeing an advert in the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce Business Direction Magazine, the chamber to whom we are a strategic member.

The optometrist approached us to provide consultancy in order to revitalise their systems in light of their UKAS accredited certification. We are pleased to report that BBR Optometry passed their recent audit with some excellent comments from their BSI auditor, and remain the only BSI accredited optometrist in the UK.

Increased business functionality

Quality Manager Lisa Strevens and Practice Manager Daniel Read, observed that the capabilities of the ISO 9001 Management System enabled them to offer an “extra level of service” to their customers, as well as improve the clarity of procedures for staff.

From a management perspective the standard has also provided increased traceability and an additional layer of dependability, feeling secure in the knowledge that practises and procedures are covered and controlled.

Lisa and Daniel also commented that business functionality and consistency had been increased as they now had the ability to check procedures and if something has gone wrong, identify the error, know the cause and more importantly how to fix it for next time.

A better handle on business challenges

When providing consultancy, Richard Harber, one of our qualified auditors spent several days onsite with the business, analysing their processes and approach to the standard. Lisa was very complimentary in explaining how Richard’s presence and work had helped them move forward, “Richard re-wrote our manuals in a way that we, and our staff, could understand, relaying it in a way that was relatable to us; making it more usable and specific”.

The business has also identified other positive improvements as “staff are now in a position to report back, identifying the smallest problem as they recognise it might have a larger significance”.

Daniel, went further adding that as managers they confidently feel that they have “a better handle on the business challenges” and believe this puts them in a position to continuously improve, as a result of our consultancy.

A change in mindset

The managers also observed how a combination of consultancy from Richard and onsite Quality Manager and Internal Auditor Training from our trainer Colin Watkins, have combined to positively change BBR’s mind-set when approaching non-conformances.

Having the consultancy alongside the onsite training worked really well for the whole company, helping to fully embed the system into the business. Richard’s visits provided structure which helped them focus and allow time to complete the necessary steps.

Now all staff use the Improvement Report Forms (IRF) and this has meant that the recording of non-conformances takes place on a more consistent basis. Daniel explained the difference in the staff by establishing that “the system is now not something to be feared” and has provided them with a “much better admin management structure”.

Daniel and Lisa, commented that our onsite training capabilities were a real driver in revitalising and re-engaging the staff as it translated well with their employees.

From a management position, Daniel and Lisa also appreciated the fact that their staff didn’t lose time travelling and enjoyed the opportunity to get to know both Colin and Richard, as well as our company from a different perspective. They also added that these services were crucial factors in their decision to work with us.

Not just putting ticks in boxes

In order to make the most of their management system, BBR set aside a whole year to plan this project, allowing a realistic and measurable time frame for completion.

When asked if they could relay any guidance for others who could be in a similar position, BBR recommended having a clear objective from the outset to make sure your management system has a clear setting and guideline.

Their final piece of advice was to ensure that a business runs the management systems to benefit the company and “not to just put ticks in boxes”.

Lisa said, ‘We now very much share the responsibility around, it’s not just one person putting everything together at the end in preparation for the audit, it’s embedded into the culture of the organisation’.

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We’re often asked ‘what’s the difference between Certification and Accredited Certification?’.  In principle, the systems are the same, it’s who certificates you had how they do it that’s different.

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